Too many problems

Few days ago I bought a dvd-cd -rw drive.
I installed it and try to download software nero from cd included
I met some trouble during the installation of nero vision express 2.
Also compaq dvdexpress wasn’t working so I unistalled to avoid some possible conflict.
try to download again nero . every part of nero ok, just nero express vision 2 problem during installation and obviously in execution.
problem appeared was nvdv.dll not registerd and directx9.0 needed.
also, new problem in windows media player. no sound.
I tried to download new version. Installation not done because I need the correction q290700. I fixed this correction, download again.
now the w media player doesn’t recogniza the music files I have in my computer.(files corrupted ot not in the correct format)
this is not true. I can listen these files with musicmatch.
I try to download directx9b and oh finally windows media player is working.
nero show time is working!
nero express vision doesn’t work!!!
again this message: directx9 or superior needed.
what can I do???

I think you have to install Nero vision express AFTER DX 9 is installed. and DX9c is the latest version of DX9.

thank you, iss.
After installation of dx9b I unistalled the nero express vision 2 (including show time and vision express).
After that I installed the vision express.
show time was ok but nero vision not.
do you think I have to uninstall also another parts of nero (nero media player, oem etc.?)and reinstall all together?
the dx9b version I installed is ok, or I have to change with dx9c?
thank you again

To be honest I dont know if unintalling and reinstalling any of the other nero stuff would help or not. I do know that alot of people have had problems with Nero vision express not installing or working right. if you decide to uninstall you should download nero’s tool to make sure you get all of it out then reinstall with a clean slate. here is the link to the utilities

DX9B should work fine.

I installed dx9c because the nve doesn’t work.
and now everything goes wrong. even wmp doesn’t work as before, and i don’t know what I should do.
please help!

if you are using Windows XP put your XP Cd in the drive and open a command prompt at the command prompt type sfc /scannow then press enter. this will scan your windows files for wrrors or missing files and will replace any corrupt or missing system files with files from the CD.

btw: did you do a adware / spyware / virus scan?!?

I don’t have win xp, but win me.
‘‘did you do a adware / spyware / virus scan?!?’’
answer is Mc Afee. Is this an answer? what’s spyware?
what can I do?
This is the same problem I had before installation of dx9b.
wmp gives me a message saying that there is problem with audio device, not installed correctlyor used by another program.

I’ve forgotten to say that after installation of dx9c I unistalled the entire program nero.
I tried to use win media pl. still not working. reinstalled nero. still problems with wmp.

if your using win ME then use system restore to go back to a date prior to installing nero vision express.

thank you iss, but how can i do that?

I have not been able to get Nero 6 suite (lastest updates) and Windows media player 10 in winXP home SP2. I’ve tried too. The closest thing I get to a solution is Nero with Media v9. But still, the V9 media encoder takes AVI files and makes wmf(v) files without video, just sound. Also, in powerpoint, where I want to play videos, there is no video, just sound, unless i use the activeX controller to insert the player, then all is well. It’s a hose


to use system restore go to Start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore
when the system restore panel comes up choose " I want to restore my computer to a previous date. then a clander will come up showing all your available system restore points choose a date you know everythig was working ok and hit ok your computer will reboot and it will be restored to the way it was on that day.

thank you iss.
Yesterday I saw there is a folder restore and in this folder there is an application rstrui. Is this what you mean? Anyway I 'll follow your instructions to restore computer. When I 've downloaded dx9b and later dx9c there were a message saying that dx9b and c cannot be uninstalled . This is not important?
There is not some danger(let me say side-effect) in restoring computer?
thank you again

I can’t do what you said.
A calendar appeared but no restore point can be selected. there was the date of today 7 oct, and before another point in oct 2002. but when I tried to create a restore point (and only 7 oct was available) the previous one (oct 2002) disappeared.
Now I can select only the point of today, but this is not what I need.
this means there are not points I can fix to restore computer to that day? what can I do? thank you

if you have no restore points other than today then you arent going to be able to use this feature to solve your problem. it has been a long time since I used win ME and I dont remeber if ti had the System file checker in it or not.

look under systemt ools again and choose the "system information " option look under “tools” and see if system file checker is listed there. if ti is then use it you will need your Win ME disk to be in the drive and it will check your system files for any files that are damaged or missing.

if System file checker is not listed then try going Start/run at the run dialogue box type cmd this will bring up a command prompt box in the box type sfc /scannow.

I’m afraid that I don’t have disk win Me.
I can’t find it. it seems impossible to me that I met so many troubles just in few days…
my computer doesn’t recognize the commands you said.

i know its too late and this will be i told u so after the fact advice, but get aconis trueimage backup software, its just 49$, and set to incrementally save once a day. works great in XP here, and even in XP, i can’t trust system restore. the restore points are always going away, for example when i went from SP1 to SP2, and heck, I just can’t trust them to be there. now ATI just handles everything and adds just about 30 minutes to a daily shutdown.

I don’t know what I have to do.
Before installation of dx9c almost everything was solved. someone suggested me to install dx9c to solve problem with nero vision express (because still giving error dx9or superior needed) and after that everything doesn’t work. so this problem is due to dx9c. but why?
If I cannot restore pc to a previous configuration, and I can’t find cd with win me, and the commands you wrote cannot be recognized…if everything is going so badly can i still hope in some solution? thank you…

the only DX9 uninstallers I know of are for XP and require the XP Cd to work. if you think that DX9 is the cuase of the problem you can try reinstalling DX8 here is a link to Microsofts instructions on how to do this.;en-us;263263