Too many problems with nero- need help!

I have nero 6 and nero express3

ok- Last year when I used nero everything worked smoothly without any problem.

These are the problems I am having:

  1. I made one video slide show and the menu buttons were not working at all. The dvd would show the menu but you could not get it off the main screen no matter what you did.

I was able to go around this problem by selecting the more button in the menu and I chose the selection for it to automatically start the sildeshow without going to the menu first. When it got to the menu at the end, it still did not work.

*note- these are not automated buttons, nor was the automated button checked.

  1. With my other project one day later, I have a worse problem.

I am able to write the project to dvd, but when I put it in my dvd player it says error. What am I doing wrong? :bow: :confused:

When it is showing that TV preview (the thing with the tv and the remote next to it) on Nero (the program!). Just click enter on the remote. Now burn it. It should work.

There was another poster having problems with the menu buttons and it seemed it might have had something to do with using 1/2 D1 for the video quality setting. It also depended on what DVD player was used.

The error on the entire disc may be related, is your DVD player new? If it isn’t, you may have to make sure you are setting the book type for the DVD to DVD-ROM if you are using DVD+R media.

Does the DVD play normally on the computer?

tried your suggestion and the dvd is still reading error in the dvd player.

The dvd is still showing error in the dvd player. The player is 1 year old.
When I put the dvd (slideshow) disk into my computer it does not play correctly. I can find the 3 different menu screens. The seperate video slide shows have windows media icons but they do not play or have really long connecting times.

another thing- nero will only let me record on cds - if i put in a dvd, it spits it back out.