Too Many Options

Damm there are that many options out there for backing up DVD’s its hard to make a choice.

I am currently looking at 1clicldvd and dvdnextcopy.

From what i have read AnyDVD is a must no question there, between these two hmmmmm.

Has anyone here used both and what are your thoughts on these. Whihc one has a better transcoder?

I suppose at the end of the day i should try them both have trial periods and compare it my self. Unless someone has done a comparison already.

Any thoughts appreciated

They both are good programs and there will be an update soon on dvdnextcopy that is very nice with allot of new features. 1 click is ok but keep in mind there is a yearly charge to continue updates and upgrades. I currently use dvd next copy and have no complaints and I also give support for it on the forum and here plus a few other forums too.

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There’s no real need to pay for anything.

Using Ripit4Me and DVD Decrypter you can overcome any DVD protection systems and once you’ve ripped the whole movie to the HDD you then compress it with DVD Shrink. All are free and easily found on the web.

If the movie has no or older protection then DVD Shrink could well process the whole thing without the need for any intervention.

AnyDVD isn’t a must have but isn’t a bad investment and in conjunction with the free DVD Shrink should give you a very good end product. If I was paying for an application to strip out the extras , subtitles & compress to a DVD5 disc I’d go for CloneDVD2.

The advantage of DVD Shrink , apart from being free, is that it has more options for compression that can improve the final video quality.

If you have the Nero suite then Recode will be included which will also do a decent job at compressing to DVD5 but needs something like AnyDVD.

Thanks for the quick response guys.

I just tried both, and compressed Van Helsing.
I Compressed it with Movie only option in both.
In DNC i used the best quality (Fluid). Is that correct Dr.Who that is the best Quality setting in DNC.
From what i can see 1Click looks quit a bit nicer less pixalation. I can see an option to upload photos here or i would.

Tim is shrink still being updated??

I heard that DVD Rebuider is prob the best but takes too long.

Unfortunately DVD Shrink is no longer updated but still does a great job.

DVD Rebuilder certainly does an excellent job but takes a while. However, if a high level of compression is required then it’ll probably be worth the wait.

I use default it does currently take 30 minutes to encode or transcode but the picture is flawless. But movie only well you’d be looking at about 10 or 15 minutes using default. I can’t see a quality difference when using dvd next copy myself. Here is my forum but I will still help you here if you prefer.

Thanks DrWho,

I will give Default a try. I will let you know how i go. Also is fluid the best quality in DNC?

To be honest default is the best quality from my use and others too.

If you are looking for the best looking picture after compression just use DVD Rebuilder. Even the free version will suffice. Forget about all these transcoders, if quality is what you’re after DVD Rebuilder is the one for you. X X X, if you want the best transcoder it is still DVD Shrink. Otherwise try the free version of DVD Rebuilder.

Thanks Dr.Who I will test default when i get a chance.

Yeah i know that DVD Rebuilder is the best but it just takes too long. I might just use it on High compression movies. Say compression over 15%.

ANyways thats for the help once again guys.

Yes, but the result is worth it

Yeah I will give it a try on Van Helsing and have a look at the same scenes as i did with 1click and DVDneXt Copy.
Amm from what i read the Cinema Craft encoder is the best on am i right on this???

It’s not the percentage that you have to watch out for, it’s the quant, bitrate and how much “action” there is as described in this post.

Just run the DVD over night. I leave a couple running overnight sometimes and when I wake up they’re all done ready to burn. As sonoluca said, the result is worth it.

CCE isn’t the best. There is no real best. If you have bought CCE yeah try it. Otherwise have a go at the free encoders, HCenc and QuEnc.

HC encoder is great choice, new version was released few days ago. Try it and you will see :slight_smile:

Ok I will give HC a try.
Thanks for the link to the post Linx usefull info.

Is it possible to use HC by its self without the need for DVd rebuilder?? I ripped the movie to the HD with 1 click movie only no copression.

Yes it is possible. But why not just load the files into DVD Rebuilder from the hard drive? Using HC by itself will be a lot more complicated for you.

Go to HCenc website and download the latest zip file.

Cool is there a guide on how this can be done??? Cos I tried it and HC cant read VOB files. They need to be d2v or avi files. Do i need a plug in for HC to read vob files?


The website for HC Enc the bottom part looks scambled to i need to create an acc or something?

Just load the ripped DVD into DVD Rebuilder. You’re going about this all the wrong way. Have a read of the guides I have pasted and just use DVD Rebuilder. If you do not know already DVD Rebuilder uses HC encoder.