Too many HDMI devices means swapping cables - or does it?

I just posted the article Too many HDMI devices means swapping cables - or does it?.

      If you have many hi definition devices and only one screen, how  many times you must swap cables to use them? You just finished watching a movie on your  DVD player and now want to...
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Hmmm… not sure what I’m seeing here: the device has one HDMI-in on the front, and one HDMI-out on the back. How does that solve my multiple device / cable switching problem?

We must apologize for the confusion. The picture you are seeing, below our article, is an automated one from an advertising system. The picture was auto-magically generated by Google ads. What we are looking at is an HDMI extender in that shot. The device that Geno writes about is an HDMI device that has 3 HDMI inputs and 1 output. We just posted a small a picture of it, to avoid further confusion. Thanks!

Did I get it right? Does this box ( or is it able to ) accept the signal from source, perform it’s “police” control to ensure DRM are respected (HDCP) and allow the use of a monitor/TV set yhat has got only a DVI connector? Or is it just a switch and you need to have a version 1.3 HDMI/HDCP final display to enjoy HD?

or there isthis devicefor about $80 (USD). It works well in my setup.

This switch is not HDMI 1.3 compliant. It is 1.1 HDCP compliant though. I added some more info to the article and also we added a link to LIndy. Having said that, the 1.3 spec is the next “big thing” for HD and I know of no compliant devices out yet. (someone correct me if I am wrong) . Blu-ray and HD-DVD will play fine over the 1.1 connection. Although it uses the same plug, the 1.3 spec simply has a lot more bandwidth (which is nice of course) offers something marketing dweebs call “Deep Color” for supposedly even more striking pictures and also will handle sound codecs that are not possible at the moment. It also add Lip sync as a feature. I hope this helps. I must say that the HD launch is very, very confusing and I hope it does not bite industry in the ass. Most people don’t wish to keep up with all this nonsense! I think that home entertainment is approaching the complexity of a PC and trying to remain on top of the technology is like trying to stay informed about the latest video cards. It takes a lot of work and interest not to get left behind. This is fine for PC enthusiast, but Joe Six pack is going to throw up his hands and say forget it! He’s just ready for some football!
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Another option would be to put the money towards an HDMI switching receiver and if already using one anyway then sell it to make up the difference and in any case end up with a simpler system. Although presumably with a macro learning remote ($20) an external switch box would not necessarily be a hassle to use, just more clutter.

I will wait for the HDMI 1.3 version of this because I do not want to waste my money right now.