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Using a sony handycam DCR-SR40 (hard drive based camera), I recorded each play of my son’s football game. This wound up equating to 115 individual movie clips when I downloaded it to my PC. Windows Moviemaker chokes on the clips, issuing a message : M2U00303.MPG could not be imported. An interface has too many methods to fire events from

So I tried to use Muvee autoProducer 5.0, but it said i could only have 3 clips - otherwise, i need to purchase an upgrade. So I remembered that Sonic came with the PC - but when I import the video, it says I can only have 99 chapters. Obviously, there are 115 clips - but it’s well small enough to fit on a dvd - so how do i go about this? My goal is to burn a dvd that I can give to the coach, as well as watch with my son. My older son suggested creating 2 videos, each with half of the clips - but I’m not sure that sonic will allow me to burn 2 projects at once with the dvd burn utility.


If your clips are .mpg format you can use Muxman to join clips together before importing to authoring software to make DVD.
I do not know software you use to author, but if it has a timeline you can just import them in there to be joined.
If you want to use each clip separate you will need software which allow multiple VTS authoring. 99 titles is max per one VTS, it is DVD standard.
One of free software which has this option is a GIU for DVD Author.

See this site.


Just transfer 1/2 of the files, then join those together with any good video editing software. Then transfer the remaining files and join those. Then combine the two…