Too many bugs for a paid software!

Hi ,
first of all: the idea of your software great !
But but it is not stable enough to sell it !

My experience with your product:
First I tested the trial version 2.09 and it looked good the first 3 days. Then I got a bluescreen during boot an had to remove all parts of the drivers in recovery boot.
Then I installed the software again and after 3 successful days of usage I decided to buy the professional version. But after activation I got a bluescreen again ! :a
Then I tried to install version 2.10 but after a reboot I only got the message that the cache could not be created. :doh:
Last but not least I tried the RC2.11 but this is also not working properly: sometimes the boot happens from harddisk, sometimes the system is locked for 3-4 seconds and my windows 7 (64bit) is not shuting down (I have to push the power button) :Z
So I decided to remove your software and the problems are gone ! :rolleyes:

For a paid software this would I call a desaster…

So please fix it fast ! I´m an IT administrator so I know how to handle such problems but a “normal” user could explode…

thanks for this from the constructive critics section.
There will be an update in a few days, addressing issues from your post.
You once asked for offline activation, it will be possible to paste /enter the code by hand. Activation itself is reworked too to reduce pain from users
when changing their storage configuration. Please be patient for 2 days.

Nice to hear from you !
Don´t give up I´m sure you will fix the main problems.

If you need somebody for testing I would like to test your release candidates…
When you are releasing the next version I will give you a constructive feedback.

Yes offer manager, Elitebytes does listen and see from other threads, if you give them details, they fix it! :bow::bow:

Granted, Elitebytes is constantly fixing problems as they are identified. The problem is that new problems keep popping up. I still have not been able to install this on my ASUS desktop, and will probably quit trying - the gain isn’t worth the pain. I am worried that one day, I will try and install it and it will wipe out one or both of my hard drives (one is SSD).

Yes, I have up to date image backups for my SSD drive, and file backup for my HDD, but that isn’t the point.

A program like this, that changes the nature of the users system and storage drives needs to be, by definition, 100% safe. At this time, I do not have that warm and fuzzy feeling about it.

From an emotional perspective the lots of threads really destroy a good feeling first.

Scientifically watched the number of bugs is limited and with every fixed bug the system behaves better and better. And it is sure that by continous fixing all will be removed one day.

We have tracked that lock issue down, and know exactly where it comes from. It is fixed too, and we will post a download url in a few days.

I also think we should embrace companies like yours, Elitebytes, who are independent software authors that make sure we have alternatives besides the ‘big guys’. I’m also very happy to see that many of our members have offered help and even happier to see that you work with, listen and in the end fix the problems.

I think many companies can learn from that approach. I can also fully understand the point you make about a good feeling, but I think you win our hearts with your honest and helpful replies, so I’m sure you’ll have a good feeling and a great business opportunity once you get the bugs sorted out :wink:

ssd freeze / lock etc.
The ssd device itself stops working for some time.
The solution is to update ssd device firmware.

google “ssd freeze” and read.

You can move the mouse but all else is frozen, or freezes in seconds.
This stays about 60 seconds.
Corsair Force3 120Gb.
It had Revision5.02, was updated to 5.03, rebooted
cache new created and freezing is gone.

Hi, just want to say thank you !
Since last version ( it seems to work fine now !


[QUOTE=offermanager;2666487]Hi, just want to say thank you !
Since last version ( it seems to work fine now !


Glad to hear you got sorted offermanager and thanks for confirming that.


Oh no, once again problems !
after a period without any problem my PC wasn´t able to boot again.
I fixed the bootrec -> no change
I remove all parts of the driver in registry (like I did several times successful before) -> no change
So I decided to use my last backup :rolleyes:

Sorry to say, but it´s really annoying to have problems again and again.
I will give a last try with the new version 2.1.3 …

Just a thought:
Yesterday was MS patchday.
Did you install any Windows Updates that may have messed with VeloSSD?

no, it happend one day before the ms patchday !

o.k., update 2.1.3 is up and running …

lets see how long … :wink:

Version is available that solves problems with Windows update.

For all changes in Verson see here:

Could u pls keep posting here if or if not working?
Your problems sound very familiar to me, I just lack of patience to try the new updates by myself. So I would appreciate to hear about your experiences before I try my luck to gamble again.

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Please check the spelling of the URL you wish to reach.

No download possible :(:(:frowning:

"Great!", not only having this problem. Here is my current traceroute:
Routenverfolgung zu [] über maximal 30 Abschnitte:
1 1 ms <1 ms <1 ms [192.168.x.x]
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Ablaufverfolgung beendet.

Here is the output from
raceRoute from to []
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6 118 186 119
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8 120 122 120
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Trace complete

From here: []
From USA: []

=> seems to be a DNS problem, right?

I tried the update by myself now, but the problem I encountered before still appear with the Version. I will install the cache once again to make sure it wasn’t coincidence now, but as soon as my windows report a shutdown problem again I will uninstall the software to save my data. From my experience windows will get corrupt soon after this message appears. Until there is an promising changelog for the update I will not use it again. Its just not worth to save some seconds first time I start windows or a program and loose hours to fix my installation every now and than :a
The announcement for the february version doesn’t say a thing about problem fixing, just more features. So I guess I can skip this upgrade and wait for a real bugfix.
Hopefully the write through mode will work as expected one day, because I still believe this could fix my problems.