Too little space on my C: drive but enough on my D: what do you suggest?




I have one hard disk that is split into three partitions: the first partition (the C drive) is FAT 32 and is 8GB in size and has only 2GB free space (this partition is also a primary partition) - my Nero is installed on that partition. The second partition (the D drive) is about 109 GB and is NFTS - it is a logical partion and contains only data and video files from my camcorder - and the third partition (the E Drive) is only 2GB and contains a ghost back up. When I run Nero to copy a DVD, Nero says that I do not have enough space on my hard drive (obviously I don’t have enough space in my C drive - but I have ample space in my second partition - the D drive). Consequently Nero will not burn any DVD’s - is there a work around this - if so, could someone please let me know – many, many thanks


Err, you can specify the path for the temp files in nero…

Btw, what made you think that partioning like that would be a good idea ? A 109 GB partition ? Seems pretty messy and how long does it take to make a defrag ?


How do you specify the path for temp files in Nero?

You’re right the 109 GB partition is a bit messy - I’ll do something about it - as to defragmenting - I leave it overnight…


You can specify all pathes nero needs, for example the pah for the cache memory or the path for the hd image. Have a look a the options…