Too high PIE in scans!




i have a problem.
I’m a newby at doing DVD quality scans , but the results i get are very strange.

I have 3 burners , a Sony DRU-810 , an Optiarc 7240 and a Samsung SH-222A .
I’m using JVC TYG03 media , and YUDEN02 / YUDEN03 media , but i get very bad results in scans . Sum8 PIE errors are too high , usually over 180 .
Searching in the forum , from scans of other users i can see that avarage PIE errors are under 30 , why mine is soo high ?
I even tried to connect my burners through an external enclosure but got the same results .

Is it normal ?
Tomorrow i’m going to posts some of the scans i’ve done .