Too Good to Be True?

I am backing up my PSX games to be played on my new slimline PS2. I’ve been combing the boards and it looks like Taiyo Yundens are a good way to go. I saw this on e-bay… is this too good to be true?

9.99 for 100 CD-Rs?


Well, at least for that auction, there’s $10 shipping. Most of the recent ebay media sellers have been doing that – low buy-it-now price with inflated shipping. I doubt you’ll find a great deal for media on ebay.

IMHO, you’re better off ordering from an online store (or even a local store). is pretty much hands-down the best TY reseller in the US as far as reliability and customer service goes, although their prices may be a bit higher than other places. For example, at the moment, Meritline has 100x TY discs for $21.99 here.

On the local store front, if you have a Best Buy near you, they might carry Fujifilm-branded TY discs – just look for “Made in Japan” on the package.