Too busy!

Wasn’t there a guest restiction when the forum was busy before, or has that been lost in all the forum version updates.

Surely 120 or so members should have priority over 1000+ guests ?

Yes, sometimes we put the forum temporarily on register only when there is a huge load. However this seems to be a very temporarily increase in load. We are adding servers so it should be fixed the coming days/weeks!

been getting it a lot lately

I have been getting" Server is Busy" in the middle of the day “EST” This has never happen to me before, I was wondering if anyone else is having these issues.

Hi :slight_smile:
Me too. It’s all these people using the forum to go on about how busy the server is. :bigsmile:

Here too, but with almost 200k members what else to expect.

Maybe on time to upgrade servers. :slight_smile:

Could it also be that search engine spiders need to be given “throttling orders” - some of them can be given rate limiting in a robots file - the better ones can be told not to use muliple threads etc.

Another spider trick, is to prevent them accessing pages where they waste time and resources getting a “forbidden” - better to exclude them as well.

It’s not the members, that are the problem, it’s the guests that outnumber them by usually 5:1 or more.

Wonder what happened last night?

I was getting the “Server too busy” errors for a good two hours continuously, from about 11:30pm GMT (Saturday night).

Worse than I ever saw it :eek:

me too :frowning:

We have a server upgrade planned. Unfortunately we had some major problems that have caused some delay. Hopefully the coming week we will be fully back as this is deadly annoying.

I have real problems accessing this site during the day. I try to come here, but the site only loads the ad at the top and then it’ll sit there for literally three or four minutes before the page loads. It does this for every link I click. I’ve noticed this on other vBulletin sites, but not all. It’s really frustrating. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions? Right now it’s fine and fast, but I don’t know why it’s certain times that give me trouble.