Too big to fit into memory

Ok, I am trying to reinstall RougeSpear again. My original CD is all scratched up, but I made a copy of it. When I put in the disk, and click on the setup.exe. it will have MSDOS come up, and then it will go away, so I went into cmd to see what it says, it gives me a message of “Program too big to fit in memory” is someone has a fix for this or something I need to do to my computer please reply back.
Thanks in advance.

Also, I have the image files on my computer. They are a CCD which is like 4 kb, and a IMG file which is like 716mb. dunno if that might help, or if there is a program that i can use to burn them.

I have used WinIMG to extract the files and everything. But it gives the same error.

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