Too big for a 4.4 GB dvd...?

I have DVDs that say that they’re 4.7 GB but obviously they’re not - I realize that Windows seems to only see 4.4 GB on the DVD as free - but how would I go about burning ~ 10-12 .avi files onto one DVD that amount to ~ 4.5 GB? is this even possible & if so is there a program that does it? I tried Sonic & Nero (even with the “overburn” option) and these didn’t seem to work.

This is my first time on the forum… so thanks for answering!

The limit on a single layer DVD is approx 4489mb or 4.38gb. That’s for a -R media , +R is slightly less.
So unless you reduce the size to this limit you can’t do it.

Are you converting the avi files to mpeg format(VCD/SVCD/DVD) or do you just want to create a data disc with these files on?

That depends on your burner and the media you’re usin

i’m just trying to make a data dvd w/ the .avi’s (my dvd player plays .avi files). is there a better way?

its -R media on a sony dw-d56a

What you’re doing is fine, just don’t expect to get more than 4489mb on a DVD-R.


But more on a DVD+R


DVD-R = 4489mb
DVD+R = 4482mb

rapid_fire is hinting at the capability of overburning DVD+R discs on some Plextor and BenQ drives, with capacity up to 4600-4690 MB being possible.

You can see some overburns in the Plextor DVD quality scans thread, here’s one example:

There’s a whole tread dedicated to overburning in the BenQ forum:
BenQ DW1655/DW1650 overburning thread

I wondered whether that might have been where he was going.

Yes, exactly that! :wink: