Tony hawk - 3 ntsc 2 pal

I have the ntsc version of tony hawk 3 and want to patch it to the pal version so I dont need a scart lead to play it in colour. I got the pal4u patch off mega games and the pal4u program to patch it. I have cdrwin 4.0a but how the hell do u add the patch to the image of tony hawk 3. Can u use clone cd instead as I find this works better for psx games.


Just use NTSC2PAL Download fromPSX Copyworld.
With this, you can patch the ISO to PAL-version. :slight_smile:
Then just burn it



I us PPF-O-MATIC to patch my psx/ps2 backups its very easy to use and worked always 100% by me.
The patches you can grab from psxworld that The_Warrior mentioned.

And to answer your other question about clone i dont know if you make a backup from a org disk or if you downloaded the cue/bin.
If its from a org disk the best to use is clone cd then i gues(no experiance with clone)