Tomshardware tests 3 DL drives



Shame the NEC2510 was not included in the tests.


Shame there were no “tests” included in the tests. :wink:

With all due respect to Toms, there’s no measure of burn quality, and no DL testing at all.


These general hardware sites just don’t seem to know how to test the writers at all. If the disc pops out as written, they figure it’s ok.


Hmm the test is in my opinion far away from “neutral” and “fair”
They do not mention the media the used especially how well the media was in the tests and the dont have one scan from any nero or kprobe.
And they are nuts to think the Benq is the best burner (16x is not really good if the media is not available and the burner cant write -R )
They should do their homework before testing.