Tomorrows sales



would have posted earlier but have got major car repairs to do today. As promised last week, here are tomorrow’s sales:

office depot- maxell dvd +/- r 100 for $37.99
memorex cdr 100 for $17.99
sony 16x drive 930-600 $120 - $40 rebates= $80
memorex 1 gb travel drive $80 - $20 rebate= $60

office max- hp 50 pk dvd+r $18
512 mb kingston flash drive $40 - $10 rebate= $30

best buy- fuji dvd+r 50 pk $19.99
fuji cdr 100 pk $19.99
western digital 120 gb hard drive $100 - $50 rebate= $50
maxtor 80 gb usb hard drive $100 - $20 rebate = $80

fry’s- memorex 128 mb jump drive $20 limit 1
e trust ez antivirus $25-$25 rebate=free

those are all the ads in this week’s paper. I’ll try to post more next week than I did this week, but I’ve got to go work on my car. I’ll try to include item numbers next week. All dvd media is 8x.


I suggest you put USA in the title, if you still can …

Circuit city will have TDK X8 DVD+R and DVD-R 25pk at $7.95. Couple of months ago I got the DVD+R Made in Taiwan, they were CMC MAG E01, burn well on NEC ND-3500.

There is also 25pk of brand ESA, I am not familiar with, for $6.95.


ripit: thnks for post. nice touch.


Thanks ripit!
Another TY on sale! :slight_smile:


Time to put on my backwards reading glasses for batch #'s lol


If I am not mistaken these deals below at Best Buy use a mail in rebate ($10 I think) to get down to those prices.

best buy- fuji dvd+r 50 pk $19.99
fuji cdr 100 pk $19.99


Always an instant rebate here in Ohio


No mail in rebates in Ohio?


Crap!!! Sorry I missed that. The best buy ones are with 10$ mail in rebate on the cd’s and dvd’s (just double checked the printed ad). The other stuff should be right. That is the first time I have seen best buy do that in a while on dvd’s. The maxell are without rebate if you like those. Item numbers are 253-008, 258-560.


Well that blows. Last time i had a MIR for Fujifilm at BB it took 3 months :frowning:


I’ve had bad experience with both +Rs from CC (TDK & esa). The TDK -Rs are not that bad - they are MIT TTG02s, burn pretty well on my 1620.

Yep, the BB deal is a MIR - sucky! Thankfully, I’m stacked like Anna Nicole Smith, so it doesn’t affect me in any way :cool:


What was the media code on the esa disks that you got?


I use ESA from Circuit City…no problems with Nero 6.0 and slowest drive speed possible.


I’m just wondering if the esa +r are cmcmage01. I have had great luck with those (phillips branded). Fyi, does anyone know if thier are b grade cmcmage01? The teons are pretty cheap and people have been getting good results with those?


ripit, the ESA’s I have here are:


Thanks. For 7$ I think I’ll risk it and see if they work as well as the tdk and phillips cmcmage01 I have been getting.


The ESA discs are ok. I have an 851s and a 1633s and both drives burn these discs quite alright for my tastes.


I have used the CMC MAG E01 from TDK, Teon, and Philips. I burn mostly at 6X and it seems to me that the Philips are a tad slower where the shift from 4X to 6X happens later. I guess the AOPC is not satisfied :), and I also hate that there is almost no space to write with a marker, so I am not sure if even $5/25pk that I paid for the Philips is worth it for me.


Staples USA has Memorex 8x 50 pack.
Special Buy $19.94!
Reg. $39.98-$20 instant savings=$19.94
Valid 04/03-04/16/2005.


The ESA CMC MAG’s are better than the TDK ones. I get less errors on the ESA disks burning at 12x on my 3500a.