Tomorrows sales (US 4/24/05)

Sorry to say that their are not very many ads in the paper this week (fry’s, compusa, best buy, office depot). I know that sometimes it’s because some of the stores don’t have an ad and I’m guessing some weeks may be because they just didn’t decide to advertise in the paper in my market area. Some weeks thier are all the main ones (staples, office depot, office max, circuit city, best buy, compusa and fry’s). I’ll post some stuff from the ones that I did get though.

Office Depot
i/o magic 4gb usb micro drive (gigabank) 757-616 180 - 40 mail in rebate - 20 mail in rebate - 20 instant = 100$ (thats a pretty big jump drive).
Office depot brand cd-r 676-688 100 pack 16.99 (heard the made in india mosier baer ones are pretty good)
memorex dvd media 460-495/936-136 19.99
e-machines computer 722-960/778-176/427-488 640 - 300 in mail in rebates = 340$
Office depot multi project glossy photo paper 145-280 250 pack 15$
Olympus 3mp camera 596-980 150$
olympus 4mp camera 725-456 200$ plus 20$ gift card coupon code 51625237

Best buy
norton anti spam, system works, firewall bundle 6843678 90 - 30 mail in upgrade rebate - 60 mial in rebate = free
Comcast cable internet 19.99 for 3 months plus 25$ best buy gift card + free motorolla cable modem (80$ - 80$ rebate). I’m not sure about any restrictions or what markets it’s good in but it looks like a prety good deal if you are still on dial up.
insignia 17 inch flat screen 6757716 100$ - 40$ rebate = 60$ minimum 3 per store, no rain checks
Sony dvd media 6689167/6689292 22.99
fuji dvd media 10 pack with cases 4670485/4831579 12.99 buy one get one free
dvd+r 6821246 50 for 29.99 (no idea on the brand)

western digital 120 gig 293303 90 - 30 mial in - 20 mail in = 40$
Go video progresive scan dvd player 318958 35 - 5$ mail in = 30$
norton ghost/partition magic 315334 90 - 40 mial in - 20 competitive upgraid mail in = 30$
antec +view case 300439 80 - 30 mail in rebate = 50$ (this is a prety sweet case but it sucks it doesn’t comw with a power supply).
Mad dog sure power 500w power supply 317507 80 - 30 mail in rebate = 50$
sony cdr 50pk 282723 8.99
sony dvd 317338/317337 100 pack 39.99
memorex dual layer +r media 25 pack 318729 100$ (not that cheap but at least stores are starting to advertise dual layer).
sempron 2200 cpu/mother board 319739 99.99$
intervideo home theatre 4323615 50$ limit 1
Mcaffee anti spy 25 - 25 mail in = 0
mcafee virus/firewall 55 - 30 upgrade - 20 mail in = 0
web root spy sweeper 19.99 limit 1
hard drive/floppy drive cable kit 3638515 7.99 limit 1

Thanks again Mr. ripit

thanks ripit :bow:

:iagree: Much so thanks because I only get to see the BB ad.

Yo ripit-

Thanks so much for all that info-

My local paper is so advertisingly challenged that we do not get to see all the bargains-

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as always… thnx. specially since my sat paper never gets all the tech sale flyers :sad:

Thanks ripit.

Looks like staples is running the same ad they did last week again (acording to thier web site any way).
Maxell 50pk for 18$
Pacific digital 16x burner 80 - 20 easy rebate = 60 (aren’t these suposed to be benq or something?)
Also hp dvd+rw 18$ for 25 and cd meda 8$ for 50

No printed ad for office max, just a two page online thing good in store (cd-rw in jewel cases for way to much money is about it).

Circuit city has philips cd-r 50 pack or dvd 25 pack for 8$

yes the pacific digital is a benq 1620.

i just picked one up from fry’s for the same price.

look for a big white label on the back with different specs then on the front.

then upgrade the firmware and you got yourself a benq1620 pro :slight_smile:

here’s a link with a scan from it.

Thanks for the info. ripit. It’s getting to where I look up your thread every week.:bigsmile:

no one seem to touching them, the box is very big yet somehow a bit emty inside.