Tomorrows Sales (7/3/05 US)

I have ads from compusa, circuit city, best buy, office depot, and fry’s this week. Last week office max had a paper bag for 15% off anything you could fit in it that was good for two weeks so I guess that is their ad for this week too. They did have a one page in store only ad that was shown online and in store only (no print ad) so maybe they are going to have another one this week. No idea about staples.

media and burners

office depot
Philips cd-r 100 pack 585-248 14.99$
philips dvd+/-r 50 pack 942-778/586-328 14.99$

sunday 8am-2pm only
100 pack dvd+/-r 19.99$ 316430/316438
8x dvd burner 70 - 10 instant - 30 mail in = 30$ 312184

good all week
maddog 6 in one 16x burner 80 - 20 instant = 60$ 314998
hival external 16x burner 120 - 10 instant - 20 mail in = 90$ 319294
10 pack dvd+/-r dvd+rw in jewel cases 49 cents (9$ - 2.50 instant - 6$ mail in = 49 cents) 329504/329505/329506 looks like khypermedia/valuedisk 4x
90 cd-r’s for 9.99 (9.99$ x3 - 6.66$ x3 instant = 9.99$ 296318

circuit city
sunday and monday only
philips 50 pack cd-r, 25 pack dvd+/-r 6.98$ ea dr4s8b25f17/d52n600/dm4s8b25f17
iomagic 16x burner 100 - 20 - 30 mail in’s = 50$ idvd16dd

good all week
sony 50 pack cd-r 8.98$ 50cdq80ls3
all blank cd/dvd on sale?
memorex dvd+/-r 25 pack (looks like 16x) 9.99$ 32025618/32025596

verbatium 50 pack dvd+/-r (8x) 19.99$ 6887096/6883617
fuji 100 pack dvd+/-r (8x) 39.99$ 5961916/5961872
sony dvd-rw 10 pack (in cases) 13.99$ 5388421

fry’s sun - tue
btc cd-rw drive 19.99$ 3528314
plextor serial ata dvd burner 70 - 20 mail in = 50$ 4431516
sony internal dvd burner 16x 120 - 30 instant - 30 mail in = 60$ 4331865
the usaual gq meida

more to come

You are up early today ripit
thanks for your hard work

SWEET!!! BB Fuji’s are on sale again for 39.99. There’s a 10% off coupon too.

Circuit city
sunday and monday only
select cd’s 15 to chose from 8.99$
select dvd’s 50 to chose from 4.99$

good all week

I hope these all view ok. I forgot I did a system restore to fix some problems with nero, and didn’t realize I killed all the keys I programed on my keyboard for doing this.


Ripit:I just want to say thank you for all your hard work. I for one look forward to your posts every saturday and I plan my shopping. I wonder when Best Buy will have those Verb 16x on sale again for 9.99 for the 25 spindle. Thats what I am waiting for. Thanks to you I got a buch of the MIJ Maxells 8x - last week so I can wait awhile. I just wanted to say thankyou.

office depot

6 hours only (sun8am-2pm)

all week

frys sun - tue

thats all, gotta go to work

Yo ripper-

Again - Bra - Yu da Man!!



thanks for all the scans guys :smiley:

nice job ripit. thnx again.

Man… you are the best. Thanks as always for the early info.

Thanks for heads-up about the sales.

Can anyone tell me which is the better DVD+R choice (in terms of quality/reliability) --the Verbatims or the Fujis (both on sale this week at Best Buy)?

I have a Plextor 708UF. I used Fujis a long time ago with no problem (that I can recall) but have not tried Verbatims.

depends, I go for Fuji if it is made in Japan, if not, I go for Verbatim

10% off coupon where?

Nice ripit, keep it coming

Okay. I guess this means it’s really better to buy media locally, as opposed to mail order – I was looking at the Verbatims that were on sale last week at Amazon, but it did not specify where they were made.

IIRC, when I bought Maxells last week at Office Depot, some packages were made in Taiwan and some in Japan. I bought the MIJ ones.

Verbatim is almost exclusively Taiwan Made, but it is also found to be made in India, but very rare in the US. And Verbatim, in my opinion, is the best Taiwanese made media. So you cant go wrong with Verbatim