Tomorrows Sales (7/17/05 US)



Easiest way to spot the Sony MIJ…look for the white spacers. White spacer = MIJ, grey Spacer = MIT.


Yes at least the ones I saw, so since you thought you saw a fifty I’m assuming thats the one. Think they were green,yellow,blue and red I don’t remember the other color but it was a 50 spindle in 5 packs of 10.


Thanks dtog! I will look for the 8X.


Anybody know anything about the imations at office max? Last time I got some they were ricohjpnr02 but when I recomended some to someone else he got cmcmage01? Anybody know how to tell the diffrence?


Thanks for confirming that I did in fact see a spindle of 50, thought I had some brain freeze, obviously not. Wonder if those colored ones are equal in quality as the silver.


I read on that the imation RICOHJPNR02 cake boxes do not have a lip on top and the bottom and top are flush. Went to my local Office Max, didnt find any cake boxes that fit this description. Walked away empty handed.


Ripit and DTOG! The Office Depot 8X-R is trying to burn at 12X on my 3500 as we speak! Seems to be slowing down!
Slow 12X/trying my Plex next!
Faster at 8X with Plex!
I will try my 109 this weekend!


I just got back from my local Staples. They had a end stand with Fuji DVD and CD media.

They did have the DVD-+R “30” pack 3 color for $17.98, no 50 packs at my store.

30 pack

3 Colors

16x Burn on my LG 4163B 105 firmware Patched

Quality Scanned

I know it was not a good deal but I couldn’t help getting them :slight_smile:

Also Serial number is TG001159…



No 50 packs of Fujifilm colored Tys at any store but Frys. All the one at Staples are 30 packs (three pack of ten) differents colors for 17.94 USD.


Well Two Degrees, I just saw Sony DVD-R MIT in my local bestbuy. I didnot buy it though so I cant tell the MID. I remember that I bought Sony DVD-R SONY08D1 MIJapan at Staples earlier this year. Maybe it was a print error on the label? I don’t know if the error is the MIJ or MIT…


The -R8X RITEK005/Office depot burned at 12X on the 109! Best burn so far, now I am burning with the 1616!
Worst burn was the hacked 3500 at 12X. Glitch in the movie where it had to slow down.
8X with the 1616!
That is the first ever media that had a bad burn with my hacked 3500 FW. This media does not like to be pushed beyound facory FW.


Etp, FYI: the Ritek 8x line will overburn at 12x in Pioneers (I have a DVR-108), but just be sure to check the burn quality, as my PIF scans were usually very awful on the ones I overburned (when I didn’t know any better): they had PIF totals in solid blocks, with values from 1.200-2.500 easily. I find those Riteks (G05s specifically) really seem to only be even ‘ok’ at 8x. Sometimes I popped several in my Plextor Media Quality check and it would only be ok to be burned at 6x–and that was still a mediocre burn at best with PIE around 120-180K


I got % off coupon in the mail for July 22 - 25, 2005.
10% off on any single item, or
12% off when you use a Reward Zone card or BB credit card.

Check your mailbox!


Yes! Your right! 8X is the best speed! for Ritek005


I had to set 8X for the Ritek005 for all my burns in Decrypter! Good 8x burns so far! The 3500 and 109 tried to burn at 12X/not good! Don’t go there!
Aopen1616 and Plex716 did a great burn with no adjustment at 8X.


Hey Guys,

Anybody have any opinion on this external writer? TIA.



Why did you bump a 2 month old forum thread to post a completely off topic message??

You could have easily posted in a more appropriate forum… did you notice this thread is about SALES on July 17th, 2005 ? Now, perhaps time has evaded me, but it’s now September 28th…