Tomorrows Sales (7/17/05 US)



You are correct the one from FRYs are the same media with 5 packs instead of the 3 offered at Staples, you are again right when you say they are not worth the price. I just bought two 50 spindles of TDK (TYG-02) at CompUSA for 17.99 each. The +8x were Yuden000-T02-000. They also had a load of TDKs MIT. You just have to look for the MIJ. But as for the Staples colored discs they are 30 for 17.94USD and as far as I am concerned, no bargain.


The Sony DVD+R’s at Best Buy are TY? Seems there is no way to know if you will get the SONY code or the TY code (MIJ) disks? :doh:


As far as I know:
Sony 8x +R MIJapan is TY02
Sony 8x +R MITaiwan is SONYD11
Sony 8x -R MIJapan is SONY08D1

The Sony TY02 does not use the regular TY spindle.


You forgot Sony 8x -R MITaiwan SONY08D1.


If they are Sony 8x+ MIJ chances are 99.9% they will be Yuden000-T02-000


No Two Degrees, the SONY08D1 is Made in Japan. In fact, I never see Sony 8x -R MIT.



YUDEN000 T02’s … b/t Fujifilm, TDK, and SONY +R’s … how do they rank in terms of the quality of the burn you get? I remember you mentioning you had better luck with the TDK or Sony’s vs the Fuji’s, but I can’t remember the exact pecking order. Appreciate your comment (or anyone else’s for that mattter).

Re. Packaging
( 50 pk spindle ) YUDEN000 T02’s … MIJ TY T02 TDK & Fujifilm have similar packaging style where the top cap section is flush with the base (vs. the MIT’s are about 1/4" -1/2" recessed into the base - ie. bottom base is wider than the cover). Not sure about the Sony MIJ TY T02’s. This is just from what I’ve seen locally here in Seattle, WA.

Also, from what I’ve seen, the Fuji MIJ +R TY T02’s in 25 pack spindle look like the MIT 50 pk versions, where the bottom base is wider than the cover.


Fuji 8x +R is usually Yuden. The 8x +R TDK I bought from CompUSA on sale were CMC, and the +RW TDK 4x were Philips. I’m attaching some scans burned and scanned on my LiteOn. Fuji 8x +R burned well at 8x, TDK 8x +R only burned at 4x, TDK 4x +RWs burned at 4x.


Are you saying the 50 count spindle I thought I saw was composed of five packs of 10 with different colors on one spindle?


Yes I did mentioned a while ago that my TDK and Sony TY02 is much better than Fuji TY02. The Fuji is not so bad though, still better than most media. Probably is just that particular spindle I got.


Oh Boy, too many sales this week. I just HAD to try some MIJ SONY DVD+R at Best Buy: [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000] Woo Hoo! Got the Sony TY’s! :slight_smile:

Two 50 packs, in fact. You really got to DIG to find the MIJ ones. I think I drew some funny looks while I was going through all the cake boxes. LOL

Also got one 25-pack of Fuji DVD+R. Those were all MIJ TY [DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000] Gotta love Best Buy for cheap TY DVD’s :iagree: I think the Fuji’s have a nicer top surface than the Sony’s, though. Now need to test one on the BenQ and see if any difference between Sony and Fuji TY’s. (I bet there is not?). BTW: These only come up as 12X max on my Pioneer drives, yet the BenQ sees them as 16X max. Though it seems burning them at 8X gives much better results.


Are the sony and fuji media @ Bestbuy made in Japan?


Some Are, Most Are Not. :iagree:

Just be sure to look for the “Made In Japan” on the label. You might have to do what I did, and dig through the cake boxes to find the “gold”. (MIJ disks).


Easiest way to spot the Sony MIJ…look for the white spacers. White spacer = MIJ, grey Spacer = MIT.


Yes at least the ones I saw, so since you thought you saw a fifty I’m assuming thats the one. Think they were green,yellow,blue and red I don’t remember the other color but it was a 50 spindle in 5 packs of 10.


Thanks dtog! I will look for the 8X.


Anybody know anything about the imations at office max? Last time I got some they were ricohjpnr02 but when I recomended some to someone else he got cmcmage01? Anybody know how to tell the diffrence?


Thanks for confirming that I did in fact see a spindle of 50, thought I had some brain freeze, obviously not. Wonder if those colored ones are equal in quality as the silver.


I read on that the imation RICOHJPNR02 cake boxes do not have a lip on top and the bottom and top are flush. Went to my local Office Max, didnt find any cake boxes that fit this description. Walked away empty handed.


Ripit and DTOG! The Office Depot 8X-R is trying to burn at 12X on my 3500 as we speak! Seems to be slowing down!
Slow 12X/trying my Plex next!
Faster at 8X with Plex!
I will try my 109 this weekend!