Tomorrows Sales (7/17/05 US)



Just got off of work (had to work the morning shift) so obviously I’m a little later than normal. I have ads from all the stores I usally post this week (office depot, office max, staples, bestbuy, circuit city, compusa). Last week thier was mention of drug stores having media on sale and I usally don’t check these. I may start posting media I find form other stores like cvs, walgreens, target etc. if I see some media but only the media in this first post. I will only be scanning from the office, electronics and computer stores that I usally do and only the stuff that I usally scan (I usally leave out appliances, bigscreen tv’s etc, its’ not like they are going to sell out of bigscreens the first day), stuff that is always thier every week and or may be regional like comcast cable or vontage.
So here is the media (a little late but here it is)

bestbuy (as already posted)
sony 50 pack dvd+/-r 19.99$ 6689167/6689292
fuji 25 pack dvd+/-r 9.99 4798614/5689935
maxell 4pack mini dvd 19.99 4206692
dynex burner 87.99 - 28$ mail in = 59.99$ 7005439

Office max
imation 50 pack dvd+/-r 17.99$ 2085-2409/2085-3391
memorex burner 100 - 10 instant - 30 mail in = 60$ 2094-4757
Imation cd-r 100 pack 18.99 2085-2427

office depot
60% off office depot brand media
50 pack 7.20$ 678-120 100 pack 14$ 676-688 25pk -rw 8$ 679-824

-/+rw 25 pack 12$ 774-072/955-784
-/+r 50 pack 14$ 679-808/679-784
-/+ 100pk 28$ 682-136/681-264
The dvd I have gotten in the past were 4x ritek (not 100% sure what these are) the cd if made in india are MB and and are suposed to be pretty good.

circuit city
nexxtech??? dvd+/-r 25 pack 8x 6.98 edvdpr8x25pk/edvdmr8x25pk
nexxtech cd-r 50 pack 6.98 ecdr48x50pk
anybody even heard of this brand???
iomagic burner 100 - 10 - 30 mail ins = 60$ idvd16dd
external (???iomagic???) 130 - 30 - 30 mail ins = 70$ idvd16ddbe

hp 50 pack dvd+/-r 19.94$ 572988/592647
hp cd-r 100 pack 19.94$ 555503
hp dvd+rw 25 pack 19.94 592651
sony burner 120 - 30 mail in = 90$ (doesn’t say easy rebate) 603580

Anyone want to take a guess at this one, I’ll give you a hint, gq media, btc cd, emprex dvd, check thier last 20 ads for price and sku. lol

100 pack compusa cd-r, 25 pack tdk dvd+/- rw 14.99ea 312096/318896/318895 free dvd/cd shreader??? with this media 311182, clearance, stock on hand, limit one, no rain checks, (restrictions apply to the shreader if I am not mistaken)
tdk 50 pack dvd+/-r 17.99$ 317123/317120 same shreader deal with this
memorex 25 pack dual layer dvd+r 79.99 (save 20$) 318729 same free shreader deal

cd-dvd media pack 25 memorex color cd-r, 10 pack memorex dvd+ or - r, label maker, 30 pack jewel cases 61.96 - 34.97 instant - 17 mail in = 9.99 294734/328861/328860/310740/278360

hp light scribe burner 110 - 20 mail in = 90$ 319465
10 pack hp light scribe dvd+r 9.99 328809

sony 50 pack cd-r data or 30 pack cd-r music 10$


Fyi I was trying to think about the best way to let you guys know if it’s going to be late like this and I figure I can do it the week before. Next week will be in the morning (work at 2pm)


Thanks Ripit: I look forward to your posts and select my shopping plans. No pics this week? Thanks anyway, you do a great service.


I have 4 multi page ads that are too large for my scanner so I gotta cut and paste and prieview every single one. I’m doing it a little diffrently to try to save time in the long run since thier is more to post. I just got done scanning office depot, office max, staples, and compusa (scanned all 4 ads instead of one at a time (skipped office supplies and furniture but got all the technology)). Will be posting the scans in a little bit as soon as I get them all converted. Then I’ll do bestbuy and circuit city (thier pages fit the scanner so it goes quicker, I can just pick which pages to scan).






office depot


office max

still got bestbuy and circuit city coming but I still gotta scan em.


I will be at CompUsa as soon as they open. Those look like TY TDKs to me.


I have some old NEXXTECH that I picked up at a computer show over a year ago. +R 8x were CMC MAG E01, I watched one of these movies the other day and it still played fine. I am scanning a disk right now and will post a almost 1 year old movie. These disk(if I remember right) burned very well and were somewhat expensive, $1.00 a piece. I have no idea if NEXXTECH is still using CMC for their +R media or not and have never tried the -R.


I was wondering about those. Thanks for the info. We look foward to the scan.



check out the model # for the free cd shreader too. I am a little suspicious about all the stores even having them, but its a 40$ shreader for free with a pack of media (if the media you are looking at is one of the ones with it free, havent had time to fully look over the ad yet. If anybody is in the market for a case and or a power supply, defantaly check the compusa ad for the antecs.


Online links from Best Buy:

sony 50 pack dvd+ $19.99
sony 50 pack dvd-r $19.99

fuji 25 pack dvd+r $9.99
fuji 25 pack dvd-r $9.99

maxell 4pack mini dvd $19.99

dynex burner$ 87.99 - $28 mail in = $59.99

Online links from Circuit City:

NexxTech DVD+Rs 25 pack 8x (EDVDPR8X25PK) $6.98
NexxTech DVD-Rs 25 pack 8x (EDVDMR8X25PK) $6.98

NexxTech 700MB/80-Minute CD-Rs 50 pack $6.98

iomagic burner $100 - $10 - $30 mail ins = $60

external (iomagic) $130 - $30 - $30 mail ins = $70


Office Depot:

60% off office depot brand media
Office Depot® CD-R Spindle, 700MB/80 Minutes, Pack Of 50 $7.20
Office Depot® CD-R Spindle, 700MB/80 Minutes, Pack Of 100 $14
Office Depot® CD-RW Spindle, 700MB/80 Minutes, 12x, Pack Of 25 $8

Office Depot® DVD+RW Media Spindle 4.7GB, Pack Of 25 $12
Office Depot® DVD-RW Media Spindle, 4.7GB, Pack Of 25 $12

Office Depot® DVD+R Spindle, 4.7GB, 4x, Pack Of 50 $14
Office Depot® DVD-R Media, 4.7GB, Pack Of 50 $14

Office Depot® DVD+R Media Spindle, 4.7GB, Pack Of 100$28
Office Depot® DVD-R Media Spindle, 4.7GB, Pack Of 100$28


circuit city

Probably beter that I did have to work this morning. I would have had a hard time getting that done before work if I had been sceduled for the night shift. I still havent looked through the ads thoroughly but I did see some good stuff on sale (wish I had more money). Might have to spend a little anyway (to good pass up stuff like that antec power supply).

Enjoy everybody.


Thanks dial218, that will make it a little easier for everybody to scan throught the media (I usally don’t have time to go to that extent as I am posting so much).


Thanks ripit, I’m sure everyone here will agree that you do way more work than any of us here regarding upcoming sales. It’s greatly appreciated!


Imation 8x 50-Pack DVD-R $17.99

Memorex 16x DVD+/-RW Internal Dual Format Drive $100 - $10 instant - $30 mail in = $60

Imation 100-Pack CD-R $18.99


Hewlett-Packard 8x 50/Pack 4.7GB DVD+R, Spindle $19.94
Hewlett-Packard 8x 4.7GB DVD-R, 50/pk Spindle $19.94
Hewlett-Packard 25/Pack 4.7GB DVD+RW, Spindle $19.94

Hewlett-Packard 100/Pack 700MB CD-R, Spindle $19.94

Sony 16x8x16x Internal DVD±R/RW Drive $119.99 - $30 after Mail-In-Rebate = $89.98


thank you ripit !

you always keep us in the know when it comes to sales and when we should rush to the stores sunday morning


Ripit! Anyone have any info on those Office Depot DVDs! That is cheap! Like what speed do they burn at and are they worth anything?


A while back they had some 10 and 15 packs 50% off. The website listed select packs at half off, but you could also apply the coupon code in the print ad to get half off again ordering online for instore pickup (I’m sure that this was a mistake but 75% off). On top of that, thier was a coupon for so much off a certain size purchase (cannot remember exatlly what). I paid about 38$ for 250 disks and 150 jewel cases (it was posted here and elsewhere so they were selling out very fast). I had to get about 8 diffrent pack types including some printable , spindles, 10 and 15 packs in jewel cases etc. and had to try to order at about a dozen diffrent stores (order online and keep changing the pickup location to see what was avalable) till I found one store that had barlly enough to order and meet the requirments for the coupons. The didn’t even have them in stock like the computer said but they just subbed (got more +r’s than I ordered and diffrent pack types).
All of them including the printable are 4x ritek (+r RITEK…R02/-r RITEKG04…) and that is the same thing that is listed on videohelp so unless they have recently changed them, thats what I am guessing that you are likely to get.
I have only used a hand full of them (I have lots of 8x and 16x media so I tend to use it more) but the ritek burns good at 4x on my 3500 using maddog 2fc firmware (it wouldn’t suprize me if you can overspeed it with the right firmware though). My liteon only likes the +r (no shock, liteons don’t like -r media). I did some scans on the aopen too but cannot remember how well they burned (check some of the older scans I posted in the aopen thread with some of the older firmwares, I pretty sure thier are some ritek scans).

I’m not sure if anyone would want a bunch of 4x media (I guess it depends on how well it overspeeds) since 8x and 16x media is so cheap these days, but if you do, thier are several office depot coupons but the lowest is off of 75$ that I found. The prices are good online and no shipping for instore pickup so if it will let you use the coupon (sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t), you might be able to get an additional 25$ off 75$, on top of the sale price (coupon code 72050470). I got that coupon code and their are some others here (not sure they work)
They are suposed to be good through the 23rd. Someone will just have to try and see how it will let you order (I would but I have to work a double shift today, leaving shortlly). It might not hurt to try ordering less than the required amount. Sometimes the 75$ requirment applies too the normal price, not the sale price, so you can actually order less and it will accept the coupon (it seems to work diffrent every time with office depot).
Fyi you don’t nessasarilly have to buy all media to use the coupons (might want to check the add and see if they have anything else on sale you want).