Tomorrows Sales (7/10/05 US)

Office max
khypermedia 100 pack cd-r 13.89 2018-7245

office depot
philips cd-r 50 pack 3 for 22.99$ 852-283 coupon code 61145815
memorex 25 packs dvd+/-r or cd-rw 9.99$ ea 934-363/936-109/783-760

circuit city
tdk 50 pack cd-r 7.98$ cdr80cb50tg
tdk 25 pack dvd+/-r 7.98$ dvdpr47dcb25/dvdmr47dcb25

best buy
memorex 25 pack dvd+/-r 9.99$ 7142004/7142031
tdk dvd+/-r 50 pack 19.99$ 6886293/6886319
Sony dvd burner130 - 30 mail in = 100$ 7180061
gq media
emprex dvd burner 49.99$ 4246484
iomega external dvd burner 160 - 20 instant - 20 - 20 mail ins = 100$ 4390275

Not much for media and no optical drives except frys this week. The compusa ad is just one page folded and only has computers in it.
edit: sony burner at best buy added

Thanks ripit. Time to find RICOHJPNR03 in the memorex +R. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting!

Maxell DVD media
Reg. $39.98
Valid Jul 10 - 16

Yo ripper-

Thanks again Bra-

U still da bomb!!


Thanks Ripper, I am going to Staples and get some of those Maxells (Made in Japan) if they have any left.

Don’t go today alan, the sale starts tomorrow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for reminding me Zevia, I get so excited I forget. I will go anyway to see if the manager will hold the Made in Japans for me. I hope they have the MXLRG03 not the Ritek G05. What do you think? Which one would you choose? Maxell002 8x + or MXLRG03 -8x or Ritek 8x-.

circuit city

I am going to have to see the TDKs at Best Buy. Sometimes they are TYG-02 and I would buy them, but lately I have seen some wierd Media codes on TDKs and I am not sure. Anyone bought TDKs lately?



I wonder if the MIJ TDK’s +/- R are TY media - (+ YUDEN000 T02) & (- TYG02)? Well, hopefully someone will report back with the MID/TID’s. Really been looking forward to getting my hands one some TYG02’s.

The TDK’s I’ve seen around here (Seattle, WA) have primarily been Taiwan & some Luxembourg. Haven’t seen any Japan made stuf yet. :frowning:

I know that the Made in Japan -8x are TYG-02 on TDKs. But I am not sure about the +8x.


Been said many times, many ways … thanks a ton for all your efforts. Helps keep those dvd flame … well … burning. :slight_smile:

Sweet!! Now, I just have to find some MIJ -R’s.

office depot

Yes you are right.

The problem is trying to find the MIJs. All the TDKs at Circuit City are Taiwan.


No media from CompUSA on sale. Maybe there is an unadvertised sale. They have those 4 hour Manager sales.