Tomorrows sales (6/19/05 US)



I’m going to be doing this a little bit diffrent this week. Thanks goes to DoMiN8ToR and cd freaks as he has allowed me to use some space to upload scans. Please bear with me on this new format as it is going to take a little time to get it streamlined. I’ll probably type in some as well as include some scans this week. If the scans are too hard to read or you cannot read the item numbers, please let me know (I’ve had to work at it a little to get the right ballance between dpi, compression and readability, but didn’t have time to test every diffrent ad in every size combo I tried).
Anyway, I have ads from circuit city, bestbuy, compusa (1 page only), office depot and fry’s sun ad.
Here is the media and drives.

Office depot
memorex dvd media 100 pack 39.99$ 209-136/209-344
maxell cd-r 50 pack 16.99 247-698 coupon code 30957419

memorex 20 pack dvd+r printable 318-422
memorex 30 pack printable cd-r media 307-633
memorex 50 pack cd-r media 299309
9.99 ea

memorex dvd-rom cd-rw drive 60 - 20 mail in = 40$ 310979
memorex 16x burner 100 - 10 instant - 20 mail in = 70$ 318-458
memorex 16x external burner 180 - 10 instant - 30 mail in = 140$ 318668

verbatium 50 pack dvd-/+r 19.99$ 6887096/6683617 (8x pictured in ad)

circuit city
tdk dvd-/+r 25 pack 7.98$ dvdpr47dcb25/dvdmr47dcb25
tdk 50 pack ced-r 7.98$ cdr80cb50tg
philips dvd+r 50 pack 16.99 dr4s8b50f17

the usaual gq media
btc cd drive 19.99$ 3528314
emprex 16x dvd bunrer 49.99$ 4246484

not much for burners this week
more to come


Does anybody know how I get a picture to just show rather than it showing the url? I know you just put jpg or something on the end but cannot remember for sure.


Are you sure it’s a good idea? I find that having URLs that, when clicked, open new browser windows or tabs (with each tab containing one ad page) is more convenient than scrolling a thread with many, especially large images. The best of both worlds would be to have smaller (say, 128 by 128 or 256 by 256) thumbnails show in the thread, linking to much larger images.


To save space, I tried cuting out individual boxes (21 for the one page compusa ad I just uploaded). I just found out the hard way NOT to do this!!!
I don’t think that everybody whats to click all 21 urls etc.
I’m going to have to stick to full pages till I get it worked out more.


Sorry about the layout of this, If I have time before work (have to get ready in a little over an hour so I’m really rushing) I’ll fix it.


Okay, now I know the answer to your question. See the test post I’ve made here for an example.

When you insert a hyperlink, specify an image when the first dialog pops up, prompting you to enter text to be displayed. Use {IMG} tag, thumbnail image URL, {/IMG} tag. (I’ve replaced square brackets with curly ones to prevent this from being parsed as an image link.) Then enter the URL of the main image when prompted the second time.

I think a page (or half page for ads that don’t fit the scanner) per image will work best. It’s easier for the reader to scan and less work for you. And thumbnails would give us a visual representation of each page, which is more convenient than a text link or description.



As always, thank you for the advanced notice on sales. I have a favor to ask. Can you see if any of those flyers have the Philips DVP 642 on sale???



Is that a standalone recorder or player?

Fyi thanks agent.


It’s a standalone player… it has a PAL/NTSC converter, all region,plays Divx and just about anything you put in it…


It’s always available at for $60-64 with no tax and free shipping:

Discount retail prices are typically around $55-60, sometimes dipping lower when there is a $10 off store coupon, as you can see here.

I would take the amazon price if I wanted it soon. A few clicks, and somebody brings it to your door in 3-4 days.


bestbuy (will post more if I have time and space)


The only philips standalone that I saw in the ads I have was a 250$ dvd recorder, no philips players on sale.


thats a lot of work, we appreciate your hard work ripit.
thank you


circuit ciity


No problem. I wasted over an hour on that compusa ad but now that I am getting the process down a little, it is going a lot faster. I think that it will take a lot less time than typing it all in once I get it streamlined. I also think that I am going to see if over the next week, If can program some of the specialty keys on my keyboard (not sure they suport winxp though, I got it cheap) for hotkey combinations and see if I can get a batch processing setup down for photoshop (it’s jpeg compression is worlds beter than my scanning software).


office depot




I’m sorry but that is all I have time for before work (that should be most of it except I could have posted more bestbuy pages). After having a live trial run, I found several ways that I could streamline it to do it quicker. I am pretty sure that I was under my space usage by a decent amount but I’ll have to go over it tonight. Perhaps thier is room to spare for more pages next time and I can type some in too if time allows. I will be continuing to work on this through the week so the pages might change a little or I may add some.

fyi photoshop lets me preview the jpeg compression but not everybodys eyes are the same. Please let me know if this is easy enought to read. I may be able to use a little less compression but the size goes up drastically when I do. :wink:


They are readable but too large; they require scrolling even on a 1600x1200 monitor. You could reduce scan resolution by half or resize them to smaller dimensions. That will also help reduce file sizes and site traffic.


You put in way more time on this than any of us deserve.

Much thanks. :bow: