Tomorrows sales (6//05 US)

Media and burners first of course. I have ads from compusa, circuit city, best buy, office depot and fry’s. Office max had a brown paper grocery bag that had two weeks only, everything you can fit in this bag, 15% off, no computers, phone cards, gift cards, pda’s or digital cameras and all the other usaual limitations and disclaimers. I’ll be scanning at 125 dpi this week (still havent managed too get it smaller and still have readable item numbers, but hopefully it will be beter than last weeks 200dpi).

memorex dvd+/-r 16x 50 pack 19.99 319468/329155
memorex 16x burner 100-10 instant - 20 mail in = 70$ 318458
3 pack dual layer +r 11.99$ 316758 (Picture looks like verbatium)
100 pack cd-r media 14.99$ 312096
10 pack light scribe cd-r 4.99 317817
memorex dvd+rw 25 pack 14.99 319467

best buy
memorex 50 pack dvd-/+r 19.99 7141979/7141844
memorex 16x burner 100 - 20 mail in = 80$ 7009872

circuit city
philips dvd-/+r 8x 25 pack or 50 pack cd-r 6.98$ dm4s8b25f17/dr4s8b25f17/d52n600
memorex 50 pack cd-r or 25 pack dvd-/+r 9.99ea 32024563/32025596/32025618

It also says in the circuit city ad, all on sale, blank cd’s and dvd’s

office depot
maxell dvd-/+r 50 pack or cd-r 100 pack 17.99ea 582-488/582-496/582-504 (4x and 8x are the same barcode on maxell dvd’s so it’s both, not sure about 16x, I havent seen any).
buy one get one free maxell media spindles, same item only, 19.99
cdr musik 30 pack 144-672
dvd-rw 15 pack 274-656
dvd-rw 15 pack 274-784

Fry’s of course has the sam as every week, btc cd-rw dvdrom 30$, emprex 16x dvd burner 50$, and the same gq media.

looks like maxell might be our best bet this week.

If someone gets Maxell from Office Depot, please put in your computer and post the mid code here, so others know what they will be getting, if it’s real Maxell or not. Also note if the mid code you post has “made in Taiwan” or “Made in Japan” on the side (of the label on the spindle, that is). :wink:


office depot

so is it on sunday??


I get the early edition sunday newspaper on saturday (anyone in the dallas area can). All these ad’s start on sunday. That is my purpose of posting, you get to see the ads (at least the ones I can get) a day before they start.

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circuit city

Sorry if thier are any errors, the early edition didn’t come out till about 11am (tried to get it earlier) and I have to work at 2pm so I was under a heavy time crunch to do it.

CompUSA is having 3 memorex +R DL for $9.99, and 25 8X +R for $9.99 also with free sharpie, but it is memorex.

Date for this is 6/26/05, I didn’t notice that I messed up on the title till it was too late to edit.

It has been a little while since I have bought maxell but I have bought a lot in the past from office depot and the 8x+r have been maxell002 and the 4x+r have always been ricohjpnr01. As far as what is reproted on videohelp
for 8x+r
24 reports of maxell002
2 reports of ricohjpnr02
2 reports of ritekr03
for 4x+r
3 reprorts of maxell001
64 reports of ricohjpnr01
3 reports of ritekr02
6 reports of yuden000t01
maxell002 is made in japan, ricohjpnr01 is made in tiawan, not sure about the rest but based on what I have got from other brands I am guessing most ricoh is going to be made in tiawan, most maxell is going to be made in japan, most ritek is going to be made in tiawan, ty of course is made in japan.

Maxell001 and 002 and TY are made in Japan, the rest are made in Tawain

So how is this format working for everybody? At the moment I cannot get any smaller that the current 125dpi (and have it readable/aceptable file size). Are they readable or are they still to big to easilly view? Can everybody read the item numbers and descriptions etc.? Sugestions are welcome. About the only other thing that I have thought of is perhaps titles like “cameras” over each page but that depends on if I have the time to do it on that particular saturday.

Anybody ever tried the fixit utilities with anti virus thats on sale at bestbuy?

They are fine ripit. Thanks!!

I thought all Maxell media was MIJ (either their own dyes or one of the TY ones), did they recently go the way of all other name brands and start outsourcing to inferrior manufacturers?

not always the case, you will find made in taiwan media, which are either ricohjpn or ritek, made in japan, you either get maxell own media code or TY. And this happened way back, found in some 4X maxell media

The ricohjpnr01 are pretty good quality. I have burned hundreds of them at 6x/8x with some very clean burns (exelent k probes) and I have heard in the 3500 they even burn good at 12x. They also seem to have pretty good compatibility among various drives.