Tomorrows sales (5/7/05 US)

Sorry to say that thier are only two ads in the Dallas paper this week (bestbuy and circuit city). Three if you count the one page fry’s ad. I don’t normally check the fort worth paper but I need two power supplies so I’m going to check it for a compusa ad. If thier are any other ads in it I’ll post them a little later.

fujifilm dvd+/-r 50 pack 19.99 (5393889, 5222056)
Looking on their web site it says 1x but the picture says 8x so I’m guessing it is what ever speed they have avalable. Actually I just checked further, the -r 1x but 8x in the picture, the +r do actually say 8x in the description so the 1x must be a typo.
verbatium digital movie 25 pack 11.99 (94866, 94865)
These are 4x so kind of expensive.
jvc dvd player 79.99 (7026032)
pc-cilloin internet security 2005 50 - 25 mail in upgrade rebate - 25 mail in = free (6938585)
spyware killer pro 29.99 - 10 mail in - 20 mail in = free (6927178)
nero 6 ultra eddition 100 - 40 instant - 20$ mail in upgrade = 40$ (6718803)
compaq 17" flat screen 180 - 50 mail in - 30 mail in = 100$ (6944159)
hitachi 250 gig hard drive 180 - 40 mail in - 20 mail in rebate = 120$ (6942302)
pny usb flash drive 60 - 20 mail in - 10 mail in = 30$ (5553395)
linksys wireless router 60 - 30 mail in - 20 mail in = 10$ minimum 10 per store, no rain checks (4221407)
net gear wireless router 70 - 30 mail in - 10 mail in = 30$ (5507043)
dlink wireless router 60 - 25 mail in - 15 mail in = 20$ (6227683)
dlink extreme g wireless router 80 - 20 mail in - 20 mail in = 40$ (5250854)
free empire earth gold with purchase of empire earth 2 49.99$
tribes vengance, joint operations , men of valor, ridick-escape.butchers bay computer games, buy on e get one free 19.99

circuit city
esa cd-r 50 pack 6.95 (ecdr48x50pk)
emachines t3042/ipi500 569.99 - 20 instant - 100 mail in - 150 mail in = 300$ (might be good for the kids or a second computer) sempron 3000+ 17" flat screen closeout, no rain checks
memorex dvd+/-r 50 pack 18.98 (32025607/32025597) I think it is 8x
western digital 160 gig 120 - 30 mail in - 30 mail in = 60$ (wd1600jbrtl)
seagate 120 gig 100 - 30 mail in - 20 mail in = 50$ (st3120026ark)
progressive scan dvd player 40 - 10 main in = 30$ models may vary by store
doom 3 xbox 34.99
guild wars 39.99 (pc)
dvd movies 2/15$ regularlly 9.99, 21 titles to chose from
samsung dvdv4600 89.99 plus 4 free movies (49.96 value)

nroton internet security 50 - 30 upgrade mail in - 20 mail in = free (4154343)
seagate 300gig 160 - 40 mail in = 120$ (4280824) limit 1
intel celeron computer 880 - 280 instant gift rebate - 100 mail in - 50 mail in = 450$ (4440526) limit 1
pacific digital 16x burner 70 - 20 mial in = 50$ (4351895)
home theater 70$ (normally 130$) (4367955)
pinnacle media studio 80 - 30 upgrade mail in - 20 mail in = 30$ (4274414) limit 1

It looks like not to much for sales this week. I guess they figured mothers day wasn’t a big electronics/computer buying holiday. If anyone else has info from other stores, please add it.


Thanks ripit: Best Buy SKU’s (5393889, 5222056) are for the Fuji 8x.

Yea I figured that some of you guys would like that fuji sale (time for more ty). I did double check the ad this time (last time they had the fuji it was a mail in rebate and I missed that when I posted). This one is for sure an instant rebate so 19.99$ out the door.
By the way I checked the fortworth paper and it only had the same two ads.

Would anybody be interested if I posted micro centers sales? They are not in the paper so they would not be early. I have tried to get on micro centers mailing list several times and they still will not send me the ads but once in a while I drive up and get the ad (takes over an hour because of highway construction that has been going on for a few years so I only occationally go). They only post the front and back page on thier web site so I figured some of you might be interested. I do happen to have the current ad though and can post some stuff tonight after work if anybody is interested (and has had similar problems getting thier ads).

Yo ripit-

Thank you for taking the time to do the ads-

I look forward to it every Saturday!!

Thanks again - Bra!


Thanks ripit!! :slight_smile:

Sunday is 5/8/05 :slight_smile:

Micro Center sales ad. Effective 5/2 to 5/22/05.

Thats only the front and back page (thats all they post on thier web site). While it has some of the beter deals, the print ad is actually more like 20 pages. I think that the two pages on the web site are the only ones good online though. As I live near a micro center though, I wish thier was a way to get the ads without having to drive out their (I have signed up to recieve the ads a few times and still don’t get them).

Verbatim packs show up as $8.99 for 25, not $11.99. Sexy looking, but still a little high for MCC01RG20 and MCC002 for my taste.

Are these made in T or J?

Should be made in Taiwan.

thnks ripit. were these posted from your new puter ???/ :wink: hope u got things straightened out on hardware end.

Yeah, not gonna find any Verbatim made in Japan in the US. Digital Movie discs are indeed made in Taiwan by Prodisc.

Thanks ripit! Time to stock up on Fuji TY02.:bigsmile:

I did not see the Fuji in the BB ad. What page is it on? It must not be on sale in my region, SE US.

It’s in page 11 here in my zip code.

thanks again ripit! :smiley:

as someone else posted, i hope this means you got your PCs back up and running and all sorted out…

Thanks, it is not in my circular. I might stop by and get them to scan one or mention that it is $19 on th web.

The had it marked $19.99 on the shelf. I grabbed two spindles I had be eyeing for a month. They were TG0001158 and TG0001159. I have not IDed them yet.

My BestBuy had some Memorex 8X DVD+Rs on sale for 14.99 - 25%, ended up coming to $12.00 a pack here after tax.
They were just sitting on a small table close to the checkouts.
I couldn’t resist, even if it’s not the best, my burner (Lite-on 1673s) handles CMC pretty darn well, so I figured what do I got to lose. One package ended up looking a little different than the others (foam spacer above the circular Memorex info ring) and the ended up being PRODISCR03 03h). I’ll get a scan on here in a bit.