Tomorrows ads (8/7/05 US)

Obviously I’m running a little late. I got everything scaned and ready to go. I’m going to get the ads up first and once I’m sure I got it working, I’ll link to the media.

The link was not working when I posted this I am sure it will be fixed. Until then try this:

as always, thanx.

Zevia fixed the html for me and it should be working now, so thanks and credit for writing the html goes to Zevia. Here is the media and the html media tab should be fixed shortlly.

sony dvd 50 pack 19.99
compusa cdr 100 pack 14.99

sony dvd 50 pack 19.94
sony cdr 100 pack 18.94
sony dvd-/+rw 25 pack 14.94

office max
office max brand cd-r 100 pack 13.99
Office max brand dvd 100 pack 29.99
Office max brand dvd 50 pack 14.99
Office max brand cd-r 50 pack 8.49

office depot
memorex dvd 100pack 36.99
memorex dvd 25 pack 14.99
memorex cd 100 pack 16.99
memorex cd music 25 pack 8.99
memorex cd-rw 25 pack 9.99

circuit city
tdk dvd 25 pack or cd 50 pack 7.98

best buy
sony dvd 50 pack 19.99
verbatium 10 pack dual layer dvd 39.99
verbatium cd 50 pack 9.99

Same gq crap at fry’s so I’m not going to bother
linking to it (in fact I don’t think I even scanned it).

Here are links to all jpgs in case you want to see more than media:

@ ripit:

This format is FREAKIN’ AWESOME!! Saturday just doesn’t seem right until I get to see your weekly post. Man, thanks for all the time and effort put into this stuff. Simply incredible. :bow:

whoa ripit… you rule! king of the ads

that f#ckin rocks!

in case anyone was interested DL 10 for 40 @best buy!

ripit, you are THE MAN

RyanChappelle excellent work also please do this every week.Both

I got a box of Sony +R MIJ at CompUSA today. They are YUDEN000-T02-00. :slight_smile:

How can you you tell if your Sony DVD+R is MIJ From the outside of package?Thanks!

it should say Made in Japan, and NOT Made in Taiwan

Just in case anyone is still watching this thread, tomorows post is going to be kind of late. I have to work from 8:30-4:30 (and cannot get the ads till about 11:00) so I cannot even start on it till around 5:00pm. Sorry but no choice.

Pdf’s for staples and office depot will be up now, here and in the new thread I am about to start, the rest will be up by a little after 6 as stated in the last post. These are next weeks. I’m putting links in the new post too right now (I put them here to test).

I got these pdf’s from rapidshare because of sumbitch post so credit for them goes to him.