Tomorrows ads (7/31/05 US)



Hope this works


office depot

office max

circuit city





Should work now, give me a few to check that I got all the media up, then I’ll create an index for the rest of the scans. Just double checked the media. That should be all of it. Are these scans coming up ok?






office depot


office max


circuit city




fry’s (I know it is upsidown)


Special thanks to everyone that helped out last week, helped with the html formating (I figured out how to do it but I’m working with all new file names this week so I didn’t have time). Thank to those that helped actually get the post up last week and to those that helped out with the photoshop actions.
Now that I know the new files names that I will be working with (found out that I can send directly from paper port to photoshop), I should be able to preformat the html thing in the future. I have next saturday off so I should have plenty of time to make some small improvments over this week.

Hope you guys like this format. Next week I will try both single links that open all images for a particular store as well as individual page links so you can view which ever way you prefer.

I had to go with a default jpeg compression for all images to batch process. If the item numbers are not readable, please let me know and I will reduce the compression next week.
Also, as you can see, I am now naming the thread tomorows ads, rather than tomorows sales, hope that doesn’t confuse anyone.


Thanks ripit. That is a really hard work scanning 80+ pages.


Scanning is the hardest part. I have to scan at 250 dpi and then resize down (my scanner is a piece of crap). I have the whole process pretty much streamlined but scanning still takes over an hour working diligently. I can actually convert from paper port files to tiff, rotate, convert to jpeg and resize, upload and post in about the same amount of time it takes to scan. I plan to have the process automated a little more and have some pre formating done next week to make it goe even smoother though.
Fyi thanks for the pm on html formating, worked like a charm when I tested it. I’ll probably implement it next week.

Thanks to zevia for creating this html for todays sales. Let me know how it works the way I posted it.


how about a zip of all the scans why not ask for more right? :wink:


It works great. Zevia is a real pro. Also very generous with giving quality information to forum members. I also applaude you Ripit for your time and effort, I look forward to your posts every week.


FANATASTIC!! Excellent job on the ad scans. Makes it so convenient to see all the ads in just one click of the mouse. Thanks ripit and zevia and everyone else who contributed. Ripit … you da man!!


Ditto that… your the man Ripit


Nice job again, this is by far the best ever.

I like the “media” section the best :clap:


wow… thanks alot for all those scans!! I’ve spent along time today trying to find them and here they are all in one place!

Thanks again man, youre work is appreciated!


Great job! I’ve only got dial-up access and I was still able to scan the ads quickly.


comp usa has a couple of good deals (for stuff that I’m looking for anyway)
canon ip4000 printer 150 - 50 instant - 20 mail in = 80$ (they just say photo printer in the ad but the number pulls up the canon)
mad dog (thermaltake) 120mm case fan 4.99$ (all mad dog fans 50% off, wonder if they have any uv colored ones or anything)?
Mad dog 350 watt power supply 60 - 25 instant - 15 mail in = 20$ If memory serves, these are super flower or something resonably decent like that. Not bad for a second system or secondary power supply.