Tomorrows ads (7/24/05 US)

Sorry guy, major problems here are scans for all the stores, thats all I can do
Hopfully someone can post for me Just copy the above but insert a new number up through 72 (thier might be a few blank, will fix it tonight)

@Ripit; Maybe its just me but none of these two links seem to work for me. Just blank. I will wait foir your posts later.

I don’t know if this will work. but here is a try. You can do the increments 1.jpg, 2.jpg with excel, js, or vb concatonation. I am not sure about the format requirements for this forum software. Here’s an attempt at html working here:
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Oh ok no html needed. Here it is:

I don’t know how you got the above to work Ryan. All I get is a blank screen

Alan, did it work for you last week? Almost all of the links I just posted work. See if the thread on last week’s sales works.

I think your problem might be file associations in windows. Open “my computer” and select tools, folder options on the menu at the top of the window. Then select the “file types” tab, and find the jpg extension, it should list the file used to open jpgs. Make sure it is something valid like IE or firefox. I have mine set to my web browser firefox.

Also, a more difficult way is to right click the link and chose save as, choosing a local hd folder from which to veiw them from.

They always worked. All I get is an IP address and the word clear. This is what I see when I click on the jpgs. In my folder options it is set to Explorer. I know it works because my son computer works. My settings must have changed but I dont know where to look.

That is a loopback to your pc at port 1030. I found this prob on the web with no solution. Maybe it is a firefox setting?

I found the problem. It was a firewall setting that viewed it as a popup.

Thanks big time for getting that up guys. I had to repair a six inch crack in my radiator and now have to work on electronic control problems so it quits overheating. I got as much as I could done befor work but I would up being late anyway.

Pages 8, 9, 34, 35, 36, 67, 68 and 72 should work on the above links now (those are the ones that were blank).

Pages 1-10 are staples
pages 11-20 are office depot
pages 21-38 are compusa
pages 39-56 are circuit city
pages 57-72 are bestbuy

jimcooper posted the media a few days ago so I’ll cut and paste his and add item numbers

circuit city:

tdk dvdr +/- 25 pack spindle @ $7.98 dvdpr47dcb25/dvdmr47dcb25


100-pack dvdr +/- @ $24.99 [no media brand indicated on flyer]
memorex 25-pack dvd+r double layer @ $79.99 318729
memorex 25-pack dvd+rw @ $14.99 319467
memorex 100-pack cdr @ $17.99 304288


fujifilm 30-pack [in 3 individual color storage spindles] dvdr +/- @ $9.94 602543/602545
fujifilm 50-pack [in 5 individual color storage spindles] cdr @ $9.94

verbatim 25-pack dvdr +/- @ $9.99 6810187/6965251
memorex 100-pack dvdr +/- @ $39.99 7142013/7141899

also not in his post
Office depot
maxell dvd+/-r 50 pack 17.99 582-488/582-496
maxell cd-r 50 pack 9.99 247-698

imation 100 pack cd-r 16.99

75 memorex cd-r or 50 memorex music cd-r 14.99
computer essentials 10 pack dvd+/-r in jewel cases 5.99

fuji cd-r audio 30 pack 8.99

Office max
memorex 50 pack 16x dvd+/-r or 100 pack cd-r 19.99 2094-0190/2094-0207/2004-4293
Didn’t someone say these are ricohjpnr03? I think the only pack I got were cmcmag? Anybody know how to tell the diffrence?

memorex cd-rw 25 pack 12.99 (4x) 0223-4567

hp light scribe cd-r 25 pack 11.99 2093-3625

By the way, I didn’t even realize earlier that thier was an office max ad (probably a good thing, If I had taken the time to scan it I might not have got stuff uploaded at all). I’ll scan it now.

office max

These Verbatims at BB are 16 speed :bow: :bow:

pretty good price at $9.99

mediacode will probably the MCC 004 ones.
I am heading out there tomorrow alright :iagree:

The verbat 16X are an excellent media both -and+. Most of my drives see them as 16X and burn without a hitch.

I wonder what these are?

fuji cd-r audio 30 pack 8.99


Rite-Aid has the 50 pack of CDR for $10 again. Have often been T-Y in the past (if you don’t like the colored Fuji’s on sale at Staples)

The media could be 1 of 5 brands.

1: MCC 004 this is what I got the last time I bought “2” 50 packs at different stores.




5: I think also a prodisc

From the scans I’ve seen from people using the LG 4163 the MCC 004 and RICHO are the best, PHILIPSC16 the worst, others are good.

Office max
memorex 50 pack 16x dvd+/-r or 100 pack cd-r 19.99 2094-0190/2094-0207/2004-4293
Didn’t someone say these are ricohjpnr03? I think the only pack I got were cmcmag? Anybody know how to tell the diffrence?

I went to staples and all the fujifilm spindles of the colored discs were MIT.
A couple of days ago I made a post regarding the possibility of Fuji switching to MIT…
Looks like I may be right… but still hoping that stores are maybe getting rid of old stock.

Thats a shame because here in N.J. they have tons of the MIJ Fujifilm all Taiyo Yuden T-02 and TYG02. 9.94USD for 30 is the best deal on the planet for Taiyo Yuden media. Thats 33.00USD for 100 8x+ Yuden000-T02-000, no shipping plus 2.00 Tax.

Best Buy had tons of 16x Verbs all MCC004 , and MCCOR3G20 on the dash. This media for 9.99USD is great. I have a Nec 3520 that burns the + great so I bought 100 for 40.00. I don’t think, other than the printables from Sams Club (41.95 for 100) you will find this media cheaper.