Tomorrow i will buy one of those

I have to choose beetween

  • SONY 16/40xSpeed OEM (DDU1612)
  • TEAC 16/48 OEM (DV-516D-095)
  • LITEON 16/48 OEM (XJ-HD166S)
  • SAMSUNG 16xSpeed OEM (SD-616)
  • TOSHIBA 16/48 OEM (SD-M1802)
    If you don’t help me i buy the Sony Drive. Please Vote and post your opinion about these drives.
    Maybe there will be also those available:
    PIONEER 16x/40x (DVD-120S)
    PIONEER 16x/40x (DVD-121)

The Sony is just a rebadged LiteON 165H, so you’re better with the 166S. Personally I would get an Asus E616 even though it’s not on the list.