Tomorows Ads (8/14/05 US)

Well I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I have to work till 4:30pm so It will probably be 6:00pm or later till I get scans up. The good news is, here are pdf’s for staples and office depot that are already uploaded.

I got these pdf’s from rapidshare because of sumbitch post so credit for them goes to him.

Also, in case you didn’t read, me and jim cooper are going to be working together. He will be scanning the media sales pages he gets, and I’ll upload them so you can view them on the cdfreaks server, so keep an eye out for his media preview. We didn’t have time to get it going this week so he used his own space but here is this weeks and has the media for bestbuy, circuit city, compusa, staples and target.

So that it is included in the first post, here is the link for my scans from tonight. This link will not work till tonight some time after 6:00pm.
Note:this link will not include office depot or staples as you already have the pdf’s above, unless I find missing pages with electronics in the pdf’s, or someones askes (like the item numbers cant be read in the pdf or something). I can get the other ads out quicker tonight if I skip office depot and staples so why scan them when you already have the pdf’s.

One last thing, the title of this thread may change next week (I keep doing that, don’t I). Depending on how me and jim work things out, if I start posting anything earlier than sat, I’ll probably title the thread next weeks sales or something like that instead of tomorows sales, so keep an eye out for a name change next week.

Yo ripper-

Thanks AGAIN - Bra-

This is a GREAT service that you provide to all us freaks-eh!


Amen bigmike7,

Rip, thanks so much for all your hard work posting these adds, I live in a small town and dont receive any mail adds or very few in the sunday rag. There isnt a Sat I dont look forward to reading your sales post.

Thanks again for your tiredless efforts to keep us freaks going.


Hope you you can forgive me, I scanned the harder two ads (office max and compusa), then managed to delete them (and had to start from scratch). So they are all scanned and I am about to provide links. I’l get the html in the first post working if I can, but for now, ads from best buy, circuit city, office max, and compusa. After I get links up, I’ll search the ads for media and get seperate links up.

@ ripit:

Man, take your time, dude. Really appreciate how much time & effort you put into this. Whenever it’s ready, that’s fine. Looking forward to it. Thanks again.

Please ignore dead pages. I don’t have time to remove them, they are rescans so you are not missing anything.

office max


circuit city

best buy

That why I keep doing it, for those that appreciate it. It is rare that I have a saturday off so I always do it against my work schedule. It’s also rare that I work morning till 4:30, I almost always work 2-10 or 8:30-2:30. I think he was trying to give me extra time of by giving the evening off, to accompany my rare sunday off. Thiers no figuring my schedule though. I’ll do the best I can, as long as you guys appreciate it, and I know you do. Thanks for all the help from others, and thanks for all the appreciation.
Sorry I cannot point out the meida and burners, but I saw some verbatium at ofice max, circuit city has nextech for 5.99 for 25 (dvd) (anybody know, cmc, mb, ???)
Office max has memorex on three pages if I’m not mistaken, as well as hp lightschribe.

Thanks! Going to check out the Memorex 16x +R discs at Office Max for $9.99 - hoping they have some RicohJPNR03! :slight_smile:

thanks ripit!

Double extra special thanks to zevia. I was in a rush to do this cause I had to work so late, then got almost done scanning two ads and deleted all the scans on acident!!! I was happy to get the info out thier but zevia went out of his way to find all the info himself and make the first link work without me helping by telling him what was where (just found the files he sent me and uploaded them). Zevia is the man!!! (now lets hope I uploaded the right files he sent me)…

MEDIA sections - consolidated from ripit’s links. Not sure how or where ripit uploads his scans to, so I’ll just have to post it as an attachment.

MEDIA: Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA

Hopefully, I didn’t miss any. :slight_smile:

MEDIA: Office Max

Ok … I’m a complete idiot. Lol. I JUST noticed ripit’s link to the SALES ADS INDEX ( which takes you DIRECTLY to the MEDIA section ) link. How did I miss that in his first post? My goodness … that’s what I get for staying up late. :slight_smile:

Thanks ripit & zevia!!! :iagree:

ya thanks for all that your putting into all this!!with work & everything else.
look forward to these every week!! thanks!!!

Nice job on the heads up fellows!!! Please keep it up!!

Also, how can we identify the RicohJPNR03 Memorex’s? Are they made in Japan like the TY’s?

Ricoh media is made in Taiwan by Ritek. Apparently Ricoh Memorex discs do not have a foam spacer on top of the discs, but I don’t think you can tell by looking at the spindle since there is a paper cover on top.

You have to pull down the plastic shrink wrap a bit and then look through the side of the box to see the spacers (or lack of if they are Ricoh) because of the the paper cover on top. It’s a pain.

just paid $99.40+tax for 300! fuji colored discs at staples the -r discs are some of the best taiyo yuden I have burned better than fuji @ bb and with tax I only paid .35 per disc so go to staples this week and do yourself a favor. All TY no m.i.t. at my staples in s.e. michigan including cd-r which also are VERY HIGH QUALITY.

Did you use some other form of discount code at Staples? I thought I saw they were $11.94 for a 30-pack.