Tommy (DVD-A)

I just purchased The Who-Tommy (DVD-A) .I tried to use DVDFabPlatinum to convert it from a DVD9 to a DVD5 with no luck. Its still way to big to fit on a regular DVD.The only difference is it took off a couple files,DVDAUDIO.BUP ,DVDAUDIO.MKB AND ISRC.
Is there no way to put this on a regular DVD ?
Thanks @ : - )

Hi frfldpizza and welcome to cdfreaks,

I suspect you have some issue with your settings. Platinum will compress to a dvd5 if configured correctly, regardless of the original file size. (You can compress a file to the point of being worthless).

Be certain the target = dvd5, bottom left of screen…just to the left of “Quality”.
In [B]Common Settings[/B] >[B] Write[/B],
be certain to have the target size for dvd5 no greater than 4472 MB, a little less, especially for less than good quality blank media. Mine is set at 4460 MB and I use TY and Verbatim media

Check the file size of the rip on your hdd…it should be the same size as your “target size”.

Thanks maineman. Ive tried all that stuff,I have my settings set at 4464 MB. I’m guessing it cant shrink the DVD-Audio files . Advanced Resolution Surround Sound (96kHz/24-bit) in the AUDIO_TS folder. :-/ @ : - )