Tomb Raider Taod Has No Protection

Just sucessfully backed up Tomb Raider The Angel Of Darkness with Blindwrite and then i tried nero burning rom on a straight Cd Copy on both disks. Installed no prob & recognised straight away in all drives. Tried latest version of clony. Came back with none or unknown protection and still gave it 5 skulls.
Un-installed and re-installed just to make sure and still the same. If it has anything it’s possibly cd checks but i don’t think so as nero done both disks with no problems.

Unclebobie23 :bigsmile:

you dont stand corrected…TRAOD has no protection for i have the US version…or maybe Eidos is waiting to get their hands on Sony’s new protection METAMORPHISIS???

Thank’s alot my man. I must be seriously asleep. Never heard of it. So could this be the end of backing up games with this new protection. It seems to be so far with Starforce 3. More software houses will be using this i think on their games possibly along with sony’s new one. What do you think!!!

Unclebobie23 :eek:

we as “people who backup” have to wait for what the “industry of control” creates next!!

If you look at previous Tomb Raider Cd’s, Eidos is saving money on copyprotection. Since Tomb Raider 3 they had very poort or no copy protections. Good job Eidos :slight_smile: Let’s hope all software-suppliers do the same :slight_smile: