Tomb Raider Legend



Hello everyone!
I have just bought Tomb Raider Legend and i love this game! Is it possible to make a playable dvd copy? I have read the threads about copying this game but they only talk about making an image using alcohol and stuff like that…i don’t want to make an image… i want to backup the game in a dvd and be able to play it with that dvd. Can anyone help? Thanks!


Oh i forgot to say that i have version 1.0


if you have read the threads you have your answer a true 1:1 copy for a securom dvd
is not possible image mounting and anti blacklisting software is unfortunately for now the only way :sad:


Try Daemon-Tools in combination with newest CureROM or Securom_loader.


Ok thanks! :slight_smile: I have made successful backups of securom dvd’s in the past using only alcohol…for example motogp3 and juiced. I guess our dear Lara has a newest securom version to make things harder for us. :doh:


securom v7.00.00.0001 to be precise.
nasty!!! :Z