Tomb Raider 4 ISO needed



Hi i was wondering if any one knew a good warez site where i could download Tomb Raider IV (english version) either ISO or ripped i’ve been to a few warez sites and they say click on banner or zip file will be corrupt etc., i do as they ask and i get put on 20 or so other pages and still no success. Any help will be greatly appriciated.

Ch5 Micky


download Tombraider 4 at
username : frankyboy
password : neoo


Thanx for the link frankyboy, unfortunately when i type in all the details that you gave me freediskspace won’t let me in it keeps replying ‘your account is not activated’ can you shed some light on this subject. Cheers.

Ch5 Micky


Hi again franky boy, i think the problem is that when i am at work i use a LAN (local area Network) through a PROXY server and i think they use a firewall to block downloads from Freediskspace, also at work they use Netscape Communicator 4.5 which i think is cr#p! any way. I shall try downloading at home. Thanks

Ch5 Micky


I have tried your Username, Password & Share Passwork but Freediskspace won’t let me in it says: “Your account is not activated”. Thanx

Ch5 Micky


Try again
I activate my account.