Tom Petty is pissed - Artist gives 10 bad points to RIAA

I just posted the article Tom Petty is pissed - Artist gives 10 bad points to RIAA.

The reports about another artist that admits that the current record industry is not a healthy business anymore. That it’s sucking as much money as possible from the consumers…

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Heres the equation: lower prices + better music = me buying more cds.

There’s also those who just use the high prices as an excuse to download all their music… In reality they wouldn’t buy music even if hell froze over. I’m very picky about my music and ONLY buy the CD’s I really like. Still I have a lot of music on my HD that I listen to but I just don’t think it’s good enough to buy. But it would be nice to have lower prices, maybe then I wouldn’t be as picky as to what to buy. :slight_smile:

Tom Petty, a man who makes good music and a man with brains. :slight_smile:

I think the pot got to him myself… but either way… kwkard, what do you consider better music. It’s an unfair stance to hold. Right now some of the most exciting music is being released! Perhaps it’s time you change the dial from TRL. For example pick up Sigur Ros new album (). Absolutely outstanding.

Pirates will always be pirates. The only thing making me buy CDs now is that they come with a free DVD. I just bought the new Foo Fighters, the new Eminem (8-Mile Soundtrack) and both of them had a free DVD. On top of that, one was $11.99 and the other one was $10.99.

personally I’ll never buy CD’s again. I use to all the time, but prices went up, and now I can’t even find the CD’s I like in the store. And the RIAA seems very greedy to me. So as long as I can get it for free, I’m not gonna argue about if it’s moral or not, or illegal or not. I don’t give a rats ass. As long as I get what I want. And for all the people out there that are saying, but it’s wrong, and it’s Illegal and it’s stealing. My response is Deal. There’s more important problems out there that need solved and that never get solved.

Oh, and I’m not a pirate. What the hell is a pirate? I don’t have a wooden leg, an eye patch, or a parrot. And I don’t go around saying Argggh all the time, and I don’t need to bury my freaking treasure. I’m not a pirate. I’m just a normal theif. That’s what I prefer to be called. So much for that.

yesterday i went on a store to buy a cd: would you believe the price was 27 € ??? well, i didn’t, so i said fuck off u bitches, gonna buy it on the net, but i’m not gonna pirate audio discs, since i can’t stand 'em, and i have always a feeling like there’s something missing…

chsbiking… you say “personally I’ll never buy CD’s again. I use to all the time, but prices went up, and now I can’t even find the CD’s I like in the store. And the RIAA seems very greedy to me.” The post directly above you shows to CD’s under $12, that actually came with DVD’s free. Entirely in contrast to your whole opinion. Honestly, the RIAA is greedy… but they haven’t done anything yet. Anyone paying over $13 for a CD has only their own stupidity to blame. Hell if you could sell a rock to someone for $50 I’m sure you wouldn’t complain. If people are stupid enough to buy at outrageous prices that’s their own problem. It’s a ridiculous argument for stealing. And I love how you tell those who think you’re stealing to deal. Who do you think is driving up record prices by making the RIAA foolishly try to implement Copy Protections. It’s the idiots like you who use propaganda to argue not wanting to a pay a reasonable amount ($10.99 + Free DVD is more than reasonable) that raise the prices for those of us actually supporting music and the artists who make it. All you do is create more of a headache for me when I want to put my purchased music on a MP3 player. All you do is cost us more and more money, and through your own ignorance dig a deeper whole towards p2p software in general. You attitude of “deal” has already shown what a greedy sort you are, so I doubt you’ll pay any heed. But I hope one day they stick something to you… and stick it to you hard. Honestly, it used to be a untied front against greed on here… now it seems the very users are becoming overwhelmed with it. You sicken me.

Not to defend chsbiking, but I have yet to see CD prices reach $9.99. They’re still $15.99+ here. And there is no alternative. There are no CDs for $9.99. So don’t tell me I’m stupid. It’s not my fault the few retailers here are overpriced. Don’t assume that the prices in your area are universal. So get off your damn high horse.

I don’t care if CD prices go down to a penny, I’m not going to give anything to the RIAA that’s just going to use the money to homoginize the musical landscape, shut down my favorite internet radio stations, and bribe politicians to steal my rights. Bullshit… they will never get a penny from me. BOYCOTT THE RIAA!

I don’t need a free DVD. I don’t have a DVD player. And I hope I do sicken you. I think I’ll keep downloading music just to make you pay more for your stuff. Because to me, free is better a $10 CD and a free DVD that I don’t need even if it is illegal. Because nobody is perfect, everyone breaks the law. They drive too fast, take an illegal turn. Nobody is perfect, so I’m not gonna bother trying to be some goody goody when I know I, or anyone else never will.

And my argument is not that CD prices are too high. My argument is plain and simple. I don’t give a damn.

Tom Petty may be an “ugly old fart” - but unlike most new artists he gives a damn about his fans.

Tom Petty? An ugly old fart? And what, you think Eminem is the epitome of “Style”? :4 Either way, TP is a great musician, and he stands high enough to bite the hand that feeds him - and he’ll come through. He said what’s on his, and most of his fans’ mind. And should be commended for that. FN

cds + dvds for $10.99? where, where? im sure as hell not in PR