Tom Cruise blasts film thieves

I just posted the article Tom Cruise blasts film thieves.

Actor Tom Cruise has spoken about people that are pirating movies, Whoohoo !

…The actor, who was in Singapore promoting his new movie, Vanilla Sky, said he was optimistic that the film…

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the f-cker just wants more money. how much did he gey for MI2? to much. :r why don’t he give some cash to to ppl who really need it? bstard.

How my god!!! I didn’t know Cruz had a new film out??? :slight_smile: So I made a search, in my favourite search engine… Morpheus! :4 Ooops… I did it again… I can’t help it, I hate queueing at the cinema! :8

Instead, they should concentrate on the corporate piracy, as the big movie and record companies continue to leech massive profits from hapless consumers. The American film industry is particularly guilty, especially given the low quality, sanitised, predictable trash they have been producing lately. These thieves should never have been allowed to buy themselves some laws, as they did in the US. Hopefully in Europe, our political / legal systems will not degenerate to the level of unaccountability that the US system has reached, where corporates and powerful interest groups rule and can pass whichever law they choose.

10 zillion illegal copies x price per movie ticket/Video tape/DVD Video = 5 Ferrari’s and 2 jetplanes less for each actor. My heart is bleeding… So much injustice in the world! I wish Tom Cruise and his family all the best of luck in these difficult times.

Didn’t all these actors and musicians originally went into acting and being a musician because they wanted to share their talent with the world? Didn’t they just wanted to be noticed? Making money to them was just a bonus at first. I guess once you make the kind of money these people make you want to make more in any way possible… like taking the side of the movie and music industry instead of the fans that made him/her what they are today.

I blame all those ex-wives these movie stars keep having to pay out money to. :4

Greedy b4st4ard, he just wants more than $20 million for his future movies. Hollywood has never been cashrich as they are at the moment and yet they still want more.

I dont really download movies cuz its really not worth watching on a 17" monitor. But anyways, stop bashing on Tom Cruise! He gave us TOP GUN! :slight_smile:

What’s that, I hear a flea barking?? The pathetic ego-boosting by highly paid “stars” just keeps on going! Tom Cruise, get a life You computer-ignorant fuck :r

Shouldn’t it be enough that he gets to bone that Penelope chick? :d

It’s their creative efforts, and despite what you might think of them they have every right to protect their trademarks. I honestly don’t believe the ignorance on these talkbacks sometimes.

fuck tom cruz. he makes more money from on movie than 50 people in singapore will in their entire lives and still wants more? what the hell is wrong with him? we should take all his money away and put him to live on the streets of new york for a few months so he’d know how fucking lucky he really is. more money? fuck him, fuck his movies and fuck that ugly skinney ass bitch of a girlfreind he has. my girlfreind looks better than that bitch.

I gotta agree, he’s a rich fat cat who is whining cause he might get a smaller pay cheque next year. Sure the thought of that would upset anyone but he needs to step back for a moment and realise he’s on a ridiculas wage already and it’s more than enough. Plus he’s got 1/2 the women in the world wanting to shag him, what more does a guy need?

Hey…Where is the love here? The guy has got a valid point here. I mean, come on, if it werent for these chicken shit video pirates, I never would have known that 99% of all movies made this year sucked the big rosey red reproductive rod. These assholes saved me sum $ to not go see all those great movies you guys put this year. O and buy the way tom do I get a refund if your movie sux?

looser: heh, we should get refunds. MI2 was the biggest POS i’ve ever seen. i really enjoyed MI1 but 2 was junk.

Geez…comeone people!!! These movie industry people are enjoying a$%-raping the public and making us take it again. I paid $4.75 a ticket for a MATINEE showing of LOTR. Now don’t get me wrong…LOTR was awesome, but what ever happened to $1 matinee’s. It costs $7.50 to see a movie at night. That doesn’t mention the ridiculous $18 for a DVD at Wal-Mart. If these guys would quit spending a trillion dollars on production and paying actors 20 million bucks for a movie that sucks and then turn around and take it out on the hides of the people, we wouldn’t have everyone stealing movies on the internet. If the movies cost $1 or $2 like it did when I was a kid, I’d go to almost every movie that came out!!! The industry has a monopoly…it may not be one company, but when was the last time you went to the movies and saw them different prices because they were competing for you to see them??? How many times have you gone to Wal-Mart and the DVD’s were different prices begging for you to buy them. You don’t…the prices are fixed by the movie industry and once again we’re bent over for another round of reaming. Well it’s time to take technology and turn the reaming the other direction and let those fat f#%ks feel it for a change.

Come on now - You all criticize ‘the machine’ yet you’re all part of it. Who is this Cruize of which you all speak?,I do not know of him.

kain, a note on prices, you think that is expensive? we pay £5 ($7.50) for films during the afternoon, dvd’s cost between £17-£26 ($26-$39) so i dont know why you think what you pay is expensive!!!

kain: $4.5 matinee? damn bro, that’s cheap. it costs about $8USD for matinee and at night time, shit. it’s about $40USD for 4 people. us canucks are taking it up the ass too. screw this film industy. i’ll just ask my buddies on broadband to download divx for me. btw - it costed $5USD to rent the vhs of “pearl harbor” for 24hours from blockbuster. dvd’s? pfft, i don’t have a dvd player.