Tohiba R5112 DVDRW?

Question, I know the TDSR5002 is an awsome drive for both DVD’s and making backup’s of our favorite games! However, no one has this in stock anymore or is on backorder.

The TDSR5112 is the next version but is not listed on clone’s CD supported drives. Does anyone know is this a two (or three sheep) drive like the 5002?



Newegg has the 5002 instock for $125

I have the 5002 and am very happy with it. From what I’ve read, the 5112 is based on the same design as the 5002, so I would imagine the 5112 would retain the same read characteristics of the 5002. I have a LiteOn 163D, Toshiba 1402, and Toshiba 5002. The 5002 is by far the best reader I own. I did however have to RMA my 5002 because it quit erasing RW’s, but Toshiba took care of it no problem.

Thanks for the post. I decided to get the 5112 retail version to see how it goes.

I am also thinking of ordering the 5112 but would also prefer to know for sure that its just a faster version of the 5002. I find it a bit strange that no one seems to be able to give a definite answer on this subject, including the moderator.


Thanks for the post. I decided to get the 5112 retail version to see how it goes.
Hi there. I was just curious to know how things went, if you’ve had any luck determaining if the R5112 was a 2+ sheep burner or not. I need to upgrade to a DVD-R now, and being able to backup my Safedisc 2.8+ disks is important. And like you said in the earlier post, it’s impossible to find an R5002 in stock anymore. :confused: Plus the extra speed from the R5112 would be nice. :slight_smile: So any feedback you could give on your results would be appreciated. :smiley: Thanks.

The answer is “I dont Know”. I have ordered the 5112, It has not arrived yet. I checked out the specs on the “AlcoholSoft” site and they appear to be identical in features except for the write speed of course. The 5002 is still available here in Holland at “” for 146 euros. Its listed under 5112 instead of 5002. Its also 12 euros more expensive than the 5112 !. I do not have anything specifically to backup at the moment and certainly no securom 2.8 games. I will post whatever info I have in the coming weeks.



I figure since others haven’t followed up this post, I should. I decided to try the R5112, and I’m happy to report that it does burn Safedisc 2.8 successfully. I don’t have any Safedisc 2.9 to check, though. Thought others might be helped with this information, so there you go.

Hi guys, I think I might be able to help you here…, I once had opened a thread in which I was asking for 2 sheep DVD writers. In there I got a response mentioning the Toshiba. Checking upon elby’s ccd site, I saw both Toshibas to be listed as two sheep drives. So, if that’s anything to go by, they are both 2 sheep writers.

I have never seen the 5112 listed on the Elby site, the list of 2 sheep burners seems to have dissappeared. Nothing on the Slysoft site either. Maybe you have a link ?.


I am sorry my friend, but, no. I only remember this list, as at one time, I was thinking of getting the drive. The only thing that eventually stopped me from buying, was that it only supports -RW and not +, which, IMHO, will be the eventual winner.

The R5112 wasn’t listed on Elby’s site, only the R5002. Google’s Cache still has a copy of the old Elby’s “T” page.

I know this is a really old thread, but I’m getting desperate.

Did anyone have trouble with the drive burning at only 1x? That’s all it would do using Ritek G05 DVD-Rs on my computer.

Hi! I have toshiba sd-r5112 and i can confirm that the drive burn correctly at 1x DVD-RW. I try only DVD by Verbatim.

I think he means that his won’t burn at anything FASTER then 1x.

I found the solution to my problem. easy-going-man pointed me to a patch that fixed it.