TODAY ONLY: SmartBlu BD-R Disc 25GB 4x (25 Pack) - $19.75



Finally, another sale on SmartBlu 25GB BD-R media. I did lots of research and this is some of the BEST BD-R media out there!

I ordered 4, total came out to $89.50 shipped… which is .89 cents a disc! This cakebox normally sells for $24.50. Think this is same deal as Black Friday?


Good find :clap:


$4.95 for small order (under $50)?!! Plus $10 shipping? Makes the sale much less attractive.


That’s why you buy in bulk. The 4 that I ordered will last me at least 2 years, if not more. it still comes out to .89 cents a disc with shipping included for me. I’m happy, do remember this is top rated media!

I agree with you though. The $4.95 small order fee is ludicrous. Never heard of a online store doing something like that before for electronics.


[QUOTE=Kerry56;2615224]$4.95 for small order (under $50)?!! Plus $10 shipping? Makes the sale much less attractive.[/QUOTE]

Yet again with the $4.95 small order fee :eek::bigsmile:. This is not a SMS size electronics E-tailer. Just a duplication supplier. Many different pricing structures among them. Some simply require a minimum quantity purchase on most any media that far exceeds $50.00 to keep their pricing simple. MMM chose to lower the bar a bit and let folks in on smaller purchases with the added fee. Their other option is to raise the price per piece for everyone to absorb the profit loss from small sales :(. Or create a complicated to maintain: 10 pcs. at .50ea., 25 pcs. at .46ea. … structure as a few others have. They started as a volume seller, this is their focus, I believe. I did communicate with them about the :a consumer level reaction to the fee, was told they are discussing other options :).

I’m more than happy to spend >$50 to avoid the charge and stock up before this insanely low price on these jems goes away :wink: .


The web site appears to be down.


Ordered 3, avoided the small order fee… even with the shipping, did alright. $.92 a disc.


Looks like they’re still available at at $19.75


[QUOTE=wildfrog;2615276]The web site appears to be down.[/QUOTE]

Apparently their web host had some trouble, the .79/ea. sale price appears to have been extended. Nice example of a company trying to play fair with their customers :clap:.


So, who makes them and where. Are they any good? bought some of those Optical Quantum and am less then thrilled with them.



Located in UAE.

I haven’t tried them, but everyone who posts here has had excellent luck with them.


I got in on some Ridata blu-rays (25pk) for $17 (f/s) from NewEgg… you gotta get these deals when you can (like the earlier than black friday specials).
BTW, I think that stocking up for 2-years worth of media is silly… the historical trend is going to break that currently “great” deal even at my price point. Eventually a 50 pack of single layer will break the $20 pricepoint because SSD is going to make a big splash in the coming years (yes, it’s ALWAYS a couple of years off… lolz).
In the next 2 years, 32 & 64 gb there are expectations that these capacity flash will become a RESONABLE multiple of a blue ray disc (12-20:1).


They are still on sale at .79 each.

We all have different definitions of a “good deal” ;). Some might consider getting an .89 cents/shipped FTI BD-R that is 1 to 2 orders of magnitude(10 to 100 times) better quality than a .79 cent Ritek a VERY good deal. 50+ year FTI longevity vs Riteks that have been known to go bad in less than a year. I know I’ve toyed with cheap DVD+R DL’s in the past, and regretted it when they failed after just a couple years. I won’t be repeating that mistake with BD-R’s.
Other BD-R manufacturers WILL likely drop their prices even more as they find cheaper suppliers for their raw materials. FTI is worlds apart from consumer media manufacturers. Their strategy has been to use the most expensive Japanese materials and manufacturing technology to produce BD-R’s that are so coaster-proof that professional optical media customers will continue to migrate towards their product. Stocking up for 5 years at this price is not even remotely silly :p:bigsmile: .


Poor quality media is never a good deal at any price


[QUOTE=jamescooley1;2615868]Poor quality media is never a good deal at any price[/QUOTE]


I guess some people will always feel the need to gamble on the cheapest they can find. My wife is always teasing me about being too Dutch and looking too hard for a bargain :o, so I’m not unsympathetic to that urge :bigsmile:.

After years of researching the science and politics of media manufacturing(I need to know who’s working the controls behind that curtain;)), my sensibility for “value” in optical media goes well beyond the lowest price.


Is this good bd media or not worth buying???


These are the FTI BD-R’s I spoke of in the previous posts. Comparison with Ritek’s can be found here. These are currently one of the highest quality BD-R’s available anywhere from anyone. Not commonly known in the consumer media market, but increasingly a favorite among professionals as a result of FTI’s quality control system. Minimum quality for a BD-R leaving their factory is certified to burn 100% within spec at rated speed. Which puts them WAY beyond the minimum quality grades coming from other manufacturers. Some manufacturers will not have a single disc come from their factory on a given day that is even close to being within this high specification. Book spec is a standard well above the level of media that might not burn successfully. They have been coaster-proof at any speed in any of my burners. I’ve burned hundreds of them, and will be burning hundreds more.


I just ordered three. Thanks to deanwitty and Everyone have Happy holidays on cdfreaks aka myce.


Good call :clap:

And a very MERRY (and frugal:bigsmile:) CHRISTMAS to you and all my friends around this wonderful forum :flower:.


I ordered them on Sunday and received 3 packs today Wednesday from Ohio . They are still same price. Three with shipping were less than $70 for 75 disks. Here’s link