Today just buy a Benq DW1620 Pro,here's the test result

Today i just go buy a Benq latest model DW1620 Pro is september batch with firmware revision B7S9.I’m still a noob so i just testing it with Mitsubishi DVD+RW with MKM A02 Code burning it with 4x speed,everyone please take a look the result and let me know whether is good or bad.
Thanks for your all comment. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Compared with the dvd rw burned in the review of the Benq1620, this is a bad burn.
PI errors are much higher than in the review, in the review the PI errors are not higher than 22. Maybe you should do a full erase on the disk and try another burn to see if PI errors get lower. PI failures are not that great, but also not very good. First try a full erase of the disk. Benq is not a very good dvd rw writer I believe. My old Lite-on burned dvd rw very well, but that was the only things what the drive could do :rolleyes: .

RicohjpnW11 DVD+RW’s produce alot better results.

If you used a new, fresh disk, burn this disk several times. The results should become better as RW media changes its structure in about the first 10 burns.

not a good burn, if you try several different media types and finally get a good burn I still wouldnt state success, it should be easier to get good results without searching high and low for a brand of disc that will finally yield good results. BAH!

If you want to try and see if you can improve it try checking the underside of the disc to make sure their are no smudges/marks etc [or worse scratches] and try the B7P9 or B7T9 firmware and see what the results are from those probably a good idea to do a full erase beforehand too.

For comparision here is a MKM A02 disc burned with B7P9 & B7T9 firmwares, this is the same disc but since the intial B7P9 test it has been burned to & erased dozens of times.

burn on real media…come on…dun use rw…

This is a second try,please give some comment.Thank You. :bow: :bow:
Btw,tomorrow i will go buy a DVD+R and test again.

It’s a bit better I believe,… but far from a great burn om dvd rw. Go to the BenQ site to download the latest firmware. Also give us some pc specs, like what ide drivers you use, nforce or intel. One tip don’t buy some cheap unkown media, go for quality media.
Read this thread to see what media is best for your Benq 1620.