ToCa RD2 Starforced, I need help

I want to image my Codemasters ToCa Race Driver 2 DVD, but the images always contain the copy protection!

I have a LiteOn SOHW 832s. Is it possible to have this game run without the disk in the drive and without Starforce v3.03.036.001 drivers on my system?

I have Alchohol 120%, but I’m new to this! Thanks.

No, only with an illegal c r a c k, and stuff like this is not allowed on this board.


So it’s not because my drive isn’t capable of bypassing the protection! Is there any legal software that can bypass starforce?

No, starforce 3 cannot be copied. Neither with legal nor illegal soft…whatever that means.

Some have that success with the Tages tools, but not much.


Think you getting StarForce confused with Tages… Tages tool sorts Tages out - never heard of it fixing StarForce - they are completely different ?