Toca Racer 2

I see that from various forums i have seen that someone has managed to make a working mds/mdf format for toca racer even though it is DVD.
Now i have tried to make a DPM measurement of my retail of toca DVD…but the options in alcohol obviously dont allow me as at the moment.

So my question is how has this person managed it…as it does work.

Have they edited the mds with information from a bwa file or is there some other program that creates mds/mdf that supports DVD.

Any help on this would be great as i am trying to work on a backup for Toca.

I don’t believe this method is legal, because this (somehow ‘more modified’) mini-image is based on the polish CD-version. You also have to enter the key of that version.

No, you don’t enter key from other version in this case. And this mini-image is no way more modified, it’s just like all else. I think it’ll not even try to check with US or EUR version if you try to enter polish key, and vice-versa. Yes, it’s legal i think, as you only use mds from other version aka topology and topology files are freely legally available on internet. As to why this is possible, espeacially considering what was said by Morglum and Kosmonaut(e.g. check points set past normal cd capacities etc, so no chance:
Maybe some kind of relative positioning used, so it’s actually checking topology at same physical position on both cd and dvd, though data and sector wise possibly much different, considering much higher density on dvd or something else)) this matter’ll have to be looked at thoroughly… Maybe this might yield some solution for Colin McRae Rally 2005 also.

I am going to check out the mini image and and the bwa file i have made to see if there is any corrolation between them…going to open with with notepad …unless someone has a better program to view them with…

Sure you have to view them in bwabuilder from blindwrite 4 or 5, not in notepad. Something that should be compared is toca race driver 2 topology from EU/US dvd versions and Polish cd version first.

Hi all !

Anyone know if colin mcrae rally 2005 will be out in cd in polish ?

I doubt it, but hopefully a modder/translator could sort it out for you.

it’s not for me i’don’t speak polish,but seem this is the only solution to crack starforce protection at the moment !!