ToCa Race Driver - Plex24


I have made a back-up of Toca Race Driver with Plex24 using BlindWrite Suite v4.3.1 . The game only work when Blind is instaled. The protection is SecurRom.
Is it possible to make a working copy without using any copy software ( in background to run the game ) ?:confused:

Which SecuRom version does the game use? If itโ€™s 4.8 plus then I think you can only emulate it. Do a search on securom and 4.8* for more information!

TOCA is FADE + SecuROM 4.84.68 0120 atleast the dutch and german versions are.

only way to make aback-up without the need of emulation is to use ccd/alcohol + twinpeaks or the blindwrite + BWA builder method.

I did a copy with blind , but if I uninstall Blind the game doesn`t work any more. BTW whitch software to use to analyze protection ? My clony xxl work so soโ€ฆ

yAtEs had not failed me yet

for some reason i dont get clonyxxl working properly on my systeem.
when i scan Silent Hill 2 (SecuROM) Fifa 2003 (SD 2.8) or Post Mortem (LaserLock) clonyxxl report to me that there is no protection found on the disks, yeah right. these disks are absolutely protected with their respective protections.

did you try to run the back-up from your writer?
in that case you need a program that hides the ATIP info, blindread is such a program, maybe that is the reason why it doesnt work anymore when you uninstall blindread.