Toca Race Driver 2;DVD;Starforce suspicious

I wonder if someone has tried to make a functional copy of this game. ClonyXXL detecs nothing, but reading in some webs i could know that uses starforce even in demos and i can´t make a functional copy with alcohol 120% because cant select protection in DVD mode, clone cd doesn´t use DVD and CloneDVD is only for video…i´m trying it out with BlindWrite and BW5Tweaker… :bow:

More info about StarForce CDR 3.0

It is protected with StarForce and at the moment you will not get a working back up of it.

not unless you have magiceyes118 hack tool which allows you to play from backup but fat chance in getting it ad cloneyxxl is outdated use protection id scanner 5.1b its the best you can get it here

I would recommend A-ray Scanner 2

Even if it wasnt Starforce 3, you stil wouldnt be able to copy it as it is in DVD format.

at a german forum they say they create a succesfull dvd backup on Dual layer media hmmm but i have my doubts…however more and more CD sf3 protected games seems to be succesfull copied on Sony or Verbatium CD-rw disc and the copy works just like the original but only on certain cd/dvd rom drives…i think this is true.

i hate it…
more and more people read the “brennmeister” (english: burning-master…) which is just NOT visited by such smart guys like the cd-freaks…
maybe - 1 of 1000 sf3 copies might work in 5% of all cd-drives - but IF this is true, these are absolute exeptions…
people on these forums tell things like: sf3 is not a protection, it is just a driver over cd-cops that makes the copy not be verified as an original… ?!?
great stuff i read there, right?!? :wink: this guy should tell me how this driver works… :wink: LOL

No doubt, due to a minor bug in the protection as is the case with securom 4.8x/5.x where there have always been isolated examples of a simple CloneCD copy working without any additional measures (e.g. twinpeak patching) being taken.