Toca Race Driver 2 1:1 DVD copy - how?


Does anyone know how to copy Toca Race Driver 2 to make a working SF3 protected game?


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at the moment it’s not possible to create a ‘1:1’ backup not even an emulated backup. I don’t know what’ll be in the future maybe wait for some updates of Alcohol, BlindWrite CloneCD.


I’ve read that it is possible.

Here’s the link:

Ragarding to this thread it’s possible szapeboy, you’re right. But did you ever try these advices by yourself? As far as I know there are three ways to trick StarForce 3:

  1. unplugg all your optical drives, works with older versions!
  2. mount the image through network and play, never tested by myself!
  3. using windows media player to trick StarForce, never tested by myself!
    Use the search function to get more information about this. So there is no 100% method to create a working backup of StarForce maybe there are some lucky ones I never got this luck. In general it’s not possible to create a working backup of StarForce which runs in all drives and all PCs. Good luck :).

Okay. I believe you, but please tell me more about the wmp9 trick, because I’ve tried it but I don’t exactly understand how to do it. When I start RD2 I must immediately start media player? Or how? :cop:


Oh. I see that you’ve never tested this method…

But I’ve tested the networked mounting and it works except the newest SF3.

there is no 1:1 backup of SF3 curently around, the curent methods work with a few drives and need alot of emulation and often several goes at starting the game to work, far from 1:1, i suggest that you wait awhile for alcahol/clonecd/blindwrite/gamejack(el) to find a soloution, SF3 and safedisk 3 is the only current protection that is uncopyable without emulation, SF3 is not worth the bother of copying at the moment :frowning:

And probobly there will never be a way to bypass StarForce because it goes as deep as driver development…

Safedisk 3.x series is perfectly copyable with plex 8x scsi series ONLY!! :iagree:

We’re talking dvd here parker. Any protection on dvd cannot be copied 1:1. The only success so far is blindwrite and it’s emulation on securom, or Game Jackal which can work with SD3+ only

Yes you are right; but my previous post only was a little note of another post that I thought had to be corrected.
Anyway I have been trying the three possible methods to emulate SF3 on Obscure PC game and they do not work after all :frowning:

I have been searching and investigating about possible SF3 emulators and nothing works for newest version on DVD. :Z

cd is possible to make 1:1 copy of starforce 3 but it depends on youre CD reader and media most people had succes with an old 8x Goldstar cdrom drive to play the game .

dvd is indeed not possible.

so if i get a plex 8x can i copy safedisk 3, and what program should i use? tnx :slight_smile:

clonecd 5 to read using “safedisk” profile and Alcohol 1.92.xx to write with the same profile; so easy like drink water :wink:

thanks, does anyone know where i can get a plex 8x? thanks, oh parker ill give you like $50/30 pounds/45 euros for one of your plexes as you have 2 :bigsmile:

You can find some of them at ebay or other web pages with second hand stuff. My hardware is not for sale for now hehe :bigsmile:

I suppose you understand why :iagree:

why r u trying to buy a different drive ? just to play RD2 ? better buy the game

Any news?

No program as yet can backup this protection, if that’s the kind of news you are after!