TOC Error

I am trying to write iso images using Easy CDC w\ WinXP and everything burns fine until it comes to the TOC…I get an error message saying that i need to insert a CD…(huh)…CD was never taken out…i tried to “RETRY” but still get the same message. I cancelled the operation and closed the program but I can use the CD in the burner to install whatever was burned but when I move the CD to another CD-ROM it can’t read it…any suggestions???



this just happened with a data CD also!!!

In the Record CD Setup dialog, click on Options. Record in Disk-at-Once instead of Track-at-Once. Do not check “Allow another recording”.

When DAO is used, the TOC is written first before the burn starts.

thxs for the quick reply…I’ll try as soon as I get home.

Thanks again,