TOC error while burning CDs on iTunes

Hi, I’m new! I am trying to burn a CD on iTunes and I get a TOC error on my home CD player, however, I am able to play the CD on a boom box, although it takes forever to skip to the next song if I look for a specific track. Any thoughts on how to eliminate the TOC error? I am using iTunes and an iOmega CD burner (from 2002). TIA. (Sorry for the double post…ironic that this was also posted in the Newbie Forum).

could be that you have illegal table of contents. possibly caused by a track at once burn. suggest using another burning program and burning as dao [ disc at once ]…or waiting for someone who uses itunes to give some input.

Thanks so much. Do you know if there’s another way to burn if my songs are on iTunes? Also, how do I change the setting to DAO? I don’t see anything like that in iTunes.

sorry, i know nothing about itunes