Toast for the pc?

Is that out yet?

Easy Media Creator 9 just came out - that is the PC equivalent I think.

is it as simple as toast? im looking for a simple burning app (like toast) that has nothing to be a shamed of. i mean toast can do anything, anything and doesnt have too many options in doing it, its very simple, unlike nero for instance.
any sutch app for the pcs?

NTI has some stuff, as does the SONIC portion of the Roxio group. Ulead DVD MovieFactory 5 Plus has the Burn.Now 4.0 software, and there are some free apps out there like CDBurnerXP Pro.

Used to be a few more on the PC side but most have fallen into “no recent update” land and may not be that useful.

Perhaps one of the options I listed above will do ya.

Good luck.