Toast 9? To burn Nav dvd?

let me start be saying that I read almost all of this thread and couldn’t find any info to help me out so I started this thread.

I just found this site after looking at info for burning dvd’s and such with my new Macbook Pro. I am trying to burn a DL Nav dvd from a backup copy that I had already made using my friends pc.

I am using toast 7, I know its old. It makes the disc image and burns the track but when it gets to writing the lead out a screen pops up that says:

Cannot complete this command because of a MAC OS error:
Error code: -5001

The backup will not work in the nav drive of the car. I tried backing up the old version of the nav dvd using Toast 7 and it works fine. Would upgrading to Toast 9 help solve this? I know this dvd is copyable from the original. I am holding a copy and did nothing fancy on the pc to get it to burn a copy. I also tried it with a Vertabim dl dvd and it did the same thing. Any tips or ideas?