Toast 8 fails with Fit-to-DVD video compression and Copy Options

I couldn’t find a forum specifically for Toast-related problems. If there is one that I missed, my apologies!

The problem: When I do all of the following:

[li]Choose Video -> VIDEO_TS Folder from the left-side menu
[/li][li]Check Fit-to-DVD video compression
[/li][li]Select any VIDEO_TS folder
[/li][li]Click the Copy Options … button
[/li][li]Make any change(s) in the options
Toast invariably writes a disc or image with a VIDEO_TS folder containing only two files – VIDEO_TS.BUP and VIDEO_TS.IFO! Aside from the result, the only indication of a problem is that Toast completes the task virtually instantaneously! There is no error or warning message.

To avoid unnecessary questions, I’ll add the following information:

[li]The problem occurs with both Toast Titanium 8.0 and 8.0.1.
[/li][li]It has occured on two totally separate Macintosh systems operated by two different people, one an iMac G5 and the other a G4 MDD, both of which were running the latest version of OS X Tiger (i.e., 10.4.9).
[/li][li]It has occurred when burning to various kinds of DVD’s and when writing a disc image.
[/li][li]It has occurred with a variety of VIDEO_TS folders, with sizes ranging from under 3 GB to over 5 GB.

Perhaps I didn’t write any good search queries, but I could not find any references to a similar problem anywhere. But it’s hard to believe that I and my friend (who tried doing these things at my request) are the only people who have come across this problem.

Has anybody else tried, with or without success, to do any variant of what I have tried to do?

I don’t know why this thread I started is listed in the index as [B]Corrected minor typos[/B] (my reason for editing) rather than as [B]Toast 8 fails with Fit-to-DVD video compression and Copy Options[/B]! This forum software is extremely buggy, it seems!