TO04 firmware for TS-L632D

I was searching this section of the forum looking for this firmware or better for my TS-L632D in my toshiba laptop. The only place who claim have this firmware is TOSHIBAer:), which is under maintenance since two days ago:(.
Is there another place where I can get this file? I did search:doh:, and everything points to TOSHIBAer or sites who sells laptops.
Any help would be very much appreciatted.
Thanks a lot

TS-L632D Firmware List (on Korean Samsung website)

Hi Skylon:
thank you for your answer. In this page I found SC04. Are you suggesting to crossflash to this firmware? And if the answer is yes, how?
I’ve read before a threat about starting to run, erasing something (the bin?), renaming and then patch with this firmware.
Thank you again

You should decide it by yourself :slight_smile:
If you had trouble with current firmware, then you can try to crossflash/force flash

  1. Extract the .exe firmware you downloaded from Samsung website with WinRAR or 7-zip. Now you get a .BIN firmware and sfdnwin.exe

  2. Go to Start -> Run -> then select the path to your sfdnwin.exe, adding -nocheck to the end (eg: C:\L632D\sfdnwin.exe -nocheck)

  3. Press Download File Open, select the .BIN file. Then press Start Download. After firmware flashing is finish, restart computer.

Hi Skylon:
I think I mess with my drive. I flashed with SC04 f/w and -nocheck and now the DVD part of the drive does not exists. I fact, I am unable to open it (I can use a clip). It is unable to read any DVD. It exists in the laptop BIOS, but no program is unable to work with it.
Since you are a well skiled in Samsung drives, is there something that can be done? I mean, bring it back?
Thanks again

Sorry to hear that HFW, my fault, should advise you don’t do the crossflash.

Is Windows still recognize it and sfdnwin allow you to flash it?

If so, try the firmwares below and see which 1 will work:
L632D MO
L632D TG

Here is a L632D firmware on Dell website, it’s DE04 and I don’t know will it work for you or not, you have to try your luck. The flasher of dell firmware won’t allow -nocheck, use the old sfdnwin to flash.

If Windows doesn’t recognize it, you have to use the mtkflash dos flasher.

Hi Skylon:
You advised me (post 220). It was mi decision.
Yes, the old f/w was TO04; Vista recognized it and sfdnwin is able to flash (it shows that the old firmaware is boot; I don’t know was is this).
I’m going to download and try both of this f/w that you pointed to me.
Also, were can I get the mtkflash for dos?
Thanks you for your help

The “BOOT” means the drive is in safe mode now, which should allow you to rescue it :wink:

mtkflash can be downloaded from this website:

Good luck!

Hi again Skylon:
The thing is I am unable to format in dos mode my usb pen drive or SD memory.
I know is not your problem, but could you please tell me what can I do? (I have no floppy disk in my laptop).
It seems to me that the only solution is to download partition magic or partition commander software and create a dos bootable hard disk.
Thanks again

Since Windows still recognize your drive and you are able to use sfdnwin to flash it, there is no need to use mtkflash at this moment. (if the firmware doesn’t work for your drive, mtkflash wouldn’t help much too…)

You still get another solution - wait for the toshibaer website come back again and get the right firmware from their site.

Ok Skylon; I’ll do it.
Thanks-a-million for your help.


the 632 is a laptop drive. With these, the Master/Slave setting is determined by the firmware, not by jumpers.
Flashing the wrong firmware would render the drive useless and would require a re-flash with the correct firmware in a desktop computer (an additional adapter is required then).
That said, I strongly recommend to flash the original firmware that was present before you tried to flash another firmware.


Hi Michael:
thank you or your information. At this very moment I´m waiting that TOSHIBAer finish his maintenance site, because is the only one who have this particular firmware.
So, you said that I have to disassemble the laptop drive, install in a desktop computer and then use the TO04 firmware (not other, just this, because it was the original) and then everything is going to be ok?
If I have to do it…
Thank you, michael


since the drive is still detected (as BOOT) you can try to flash the original firmware without having to move the drive to another computer.


Hi Michael:
I love to do it, but I don´t have the original firmware. If someone have one…

No firmware support on Toshibas ODD site?
Not even TO03 or TO02 there???

@ chef
Unfortunately, the answer is no. Not even TOXX. I don´t know were else to search.


it really seems so that no fimware update is available yet…
I just found something interesting in a german forum. A user has crossflashed his drive to an Samsung SN-S082D by using firmware SS03.
The forum post is here.
The warranty will be void, of course.

But please remember that there is no function guarantee at all.

Hi chef, michael and Skylon:
Backfire was so kind that he sent the firmwares (normal and rpc1) to my mailbox. I flash and my drive and is working again.
I want to thank you all of you for your dedication in helping me.
Thank you again

A good end. :slight_smile: