To w00t or not to w00t?



Now that Piles brought it up, we clearly need a poll about w00t!
Mr B’s polls have been in short supply over the last couple of weeks I think so I challenge him! :wink:






w00t are you talking about?
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W00t rules !

So you want hourly polls ? You just had to ask and i would be happy to oblige. Anyone known a werid subject ? :bigsmile:




Walt w00tman would approve of the spirit of this thread.

Let the w00tness flow through you. Its energy surrounds us and binds us. w00tminous beings are we.


What the f@#!k is w00t?? :wink:


What the f@#!k does wtf mean?


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Nobody disklikes w00t. w00t! w00t has no enemies!


The first instance of “w00t” appearing in history is in Assyria, back at the dawn of civilization. Archeologists have discovered many Assyrian battle artifcats (shields and short sword blades) with that infamous word carved upon them. It is believed that “w00t” was actually one of their many gods of strength in battle. “w00t” made people ignorant to pain, or just ignorant in general, so that they could suffer massive battle wounds (including decaptiation, by some accounts) and still fight their enemies. After Assyria was swallowed by the sands of history “w00t” vanished, only to reappear as one of the patrons of the Knights Templar. That mystic group often invoked the name of “w00t” when executing their strange rituals, leading some to believe that the Knights Templar were in fact trying to channel the forgotten Assyrian god. After the Knights were disbanded the Inquisition adopted the tern in reference to anyone with sin. Those with great amounts of sin were addressed as “w00t w00t.” Every consecutive “w00t” attached to a captive indicated that they were guilty of greater heresies. Of course, the Inquisition is long since gone, and they took “w00t” with them. Or did they? Special forces units have used the cry “w00t” along with “k00” and “bl1ng” for many years to signify the beginning of an operation. While this likely can be traced back to the Assyrian God of War, it is an obvious testament to the fact that “w00t” is special, and anyone that uses that much maligned term too is “special” in that ride-the-short-bus kind of sense.

I don’t know from whence the term w00t came, but I am vaguely aware that it is an undefined expression among technological cognoscenti which indicates pleasure at the outcome of an event or a general sentiment of exultation. It may be linked to the 1337 (elite) phenomenon in a linguistic manner, and it most certainly seems to have been incorporated into the said movement’s lexicon; what remains to be determined, however, is whether w00t was a precedent to, an offshoot of, or a direct factor within the 1337 language. Perhaps another individual more familiar with the history of the language would be more suited to answering the question of w00t’s origins, but as a fully fluent speaker of 1337, I am at least capable of defining the term. w00t!

w00t means WHAT!

It originated as a primitive grunting sound first formed by the cavemen in speech and warning, and then forgotten, or used sparsely for the anti-technological value it carried in the new radical ages. When computers were popularized and began to appear in many homes throughout the world, affluent users began finding ways to spell words using other letters. Plz and sry are some of earliest examples. Eventually, the intelligence of this type reached such a point that the user would substitute a number for a letter. This would eventually become 1337. One of the first instances of pre-1337 that eventually popularized and grew into r0x0rz, b0x0rz, and others was w00t, properly used as w00t w00t! This phrase came from celebratory grunting noises, as can be heard in “Who Let the Dogs Out” when the artists make several grunting/doglike noises. These noises are formed mostly by mass amounts of testosterone venting out of the body. When instant messaging was popularized, many users wanted to express their feelings without typing “I am feeling bleh.” The usage of the word YES! as a vent of happiness began to get old, so many began to simulate the primitive noises they would make after a football game was won, or the taxes slaughtered. Woo was simply not the right noise, and woot did not capture the feeling quite well enough. So, plz, sry and other beginning forms of 1337 were combined with woot as an expressive onomatopoeia to make w00t w00t! The legacy of 1337154 and swapping numbers for letters in order to be Cool and inventive was born.

Woot is used as meaning “wonderful loot” among gamers of Everquest




Who let the dogs out w00t, w00t, w00t w00t!


w00t : >